Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

I don't even really know where to begin.  Well, yesterday we ended our search for Bojan's shoes.  Thank goodness.  Treated the kids to an outdoor playground and some $1 burgers.  Let's face it, you mostly go to Micky D's for the playground  anyhow, not the food.  While on the playground, Alyona decides to show me out the plastic bubble she was in the treasure she found.  She was SO excited b/c she thought she'd get to keep it.  What was it you ask?  Why spit out gum!  YUCK and double YUCK.  We're screaming drop it and she is saying "but it's green."  I yelled back to her "So is vomit but you wouldn't stick that in your mouth, would you?"  I know, not my best parenting advice screaming that to my child on the playground.  Oh well.  Get home and had a wonderful visit from another friend who brought us a bag full of clothes and shoes for the boys.  I really don't think she truly comprehends how generous that is or just how much that helps our family.  Her company was much welcomed after a very long day.  We talked for a l-o-n-g time and really were able to swap stories.  Her son is in my daughter's class and she can relate to some issues we are having w/ one of our sons.   Again, refreshing to have someone to talk to who really understands this part of parenting.  Thanks for the wonderful chat & the clothes Renee!  Have to have you over one of these days for sure. 

Today was definitely a MOnday by all accounts.  Waking up the day after a time change is so hard.  Don't know why that one hour makes all that much difference but seemed everyone we ran into this afternoon was yawning as well.  Got off to a late start and don't even think half my kids had socks on for school.  Hey, they had a lunch today so that was progress.  They were in their typical mismatched clothes going to school.  Remember, I let them pick their own clothes out.  However, I totally forgot it was picture day till this evening about 9pm.  Again, not another proud parenting moment for me.  What mother forgets picture day for Pete's sake?!  Oh well.  Can't wait to see how they turn out.  We were running late and finally got in the car to go to Chapel Hill for a research study.  It was for Alex.  Ran into traffic, street signs were not up due to construction and a myrid of other things that made us 45 minutes late.  Honestly, I didn't think we'd get in & have to reschedule.  But, they took us in & did all the testing.  This is a sensory experiment project that they are doing for years and years.  Alex was there back in 2005.  Really neat and they are mainly doing this to help discover some things w/ Autism.  Great science and even better being a part of it.  Alex actually had an IQ test done today and we'll get the results.  This will help us w/ school placement as well so double beneficial.  Alex did great.  It also surprised me that he told all the volunteers that he was getting 2 new sisters and a brother.  He is really embracing the idea of new sibs so not worried about him a bit.  Great to see.  Sometimes kids w/ new sibs can be jealous or not want them to come but he is very welcoming of the idea.  In fact the only one not showing as much enthusiasm to new sibs is Max.  That is b/c he keeps telling us he'll have to watch them, clean up after them, etc.  What?!  The kid doesn't clean up after himself now or his sibs!--LOL.  Don't know where this idea came from.  Sounds like a classmate.  He's got time to adjust and frankly, not worried about it.  If I had all resounding 'yes's' from all my kids, then I'd be worried.  This is all normal, trust me. 

anyhow, Alex then picked pizza for lunch.  Research study you get a small(yes, small) stipend.  So, we take him out for lunch.  Just the three of us.  Great to get some one on one time here and there w/ each of the kids.  We all ordered a supreme pizza...yumm.  Very good. Then onto the EEG lab for a brain wave study.  Cool stuff and all Alex had to do was be hooked up to electrodes and watch a movie.  Lucky kid.  We left and headed home.  Big accident on I-40 so went another way.  Called the kids at home and said we were very late and to be ready for basketball tonight.  None ate when we had gotten home.  Too bad.  Again, my 3rd not so great parenting moment for the day.  Told them to go to basketball practice and I'd feed them later.  Got to the car and realized I needed help upstairs.  Duh, workers coming tomorrow and everything needs to be out of the way.  So, older kids and I stayed home and did clean up and moving of stuff while Warren took them to practice. 

Everyone is finally in bed.  I'm exhausted.  Found out I don't have to work tomorrow which is a welcomed surprise after today.  Goign to visit my cousin.  Come home and do some work on this computer in regards to fundraising.  More on that tomorrow.  Lots and lots to do tomorrow.  Manic Monday does not begin to describe today.  Hope you all had a more quiet day.  Much going on this week as usual. 

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