Friday, March 19, 2010

Just one of those days

The past few days has felt like just "one of those days."  Maybe it's the time change, maybe it is that the level of frustration is finally catching up to me.  Maybe Ishouldn't care about some things but  I do.  For some reason, kids were bugging me this morning.  Shouldn't have but they were.  Found a note in Alex's bookbag from the teacher that he hadn't done his homework and forgot his agenda.  Alex comes down w/ a t-shirt on that is most likely Nik's shirt and two sizes too small.  Alyona was not going to get out of bed.  She just wasn't.  Bojan had a shirt on that looked 4 sizes too big and looked like a nightgown on him.  Told him to go change.  He comes down w/ a shirt that looked like it had been a balled up piece of aluminum foil.  Yes, it was that wrinkled.  I let it go after that.  Nik had not done his homework I found out so yelled at him this morning and made him do it.  He's smart enough he can do it on his own which is nice.  Just seemed to start off as one of those days.  Maybe it was b/c I had no sleep or maybe it was b/c I had some news regarding funding the adoption.  That is my next post or two btw.  Not good.  Need funds is the bottom line and will explain in depth later.  Or maybe it was the fact that I just got back my apostilled mini dossier all nice & pretty & get an email that SAME day saying two of the POA's have now changed.  URGHH.  I know this feeling is a couple of things.  Many things are happening.  With the adoption and with home life.  I want things done around the house.  I'm ready for spring.  Have spring fever.  Just seems there is not enough time during the day to finish everythign I want to get done.  And, it is not for a lack of trying on my part.  I will get over whatever it is I'm feeling.  I think it is the time change quite frankly.  Which btw is another stressor for me here w/ FASers.  They always go a little nutty this time of year.  This year is no exception.  Maybe it is just having to make decisions.  I have spring fever & love flowers.  We all know this, I used to work in a florist shop.  Yet, last night at Walmart I really wanted to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers.  But, $10 is $10 and that is desperately needed to bring our kids home.  Every little bit counts, it really does.  I don't know what it is.  Ever just feel frutrated?  I have no reason to complain and know that I shouldn't be.  So, this will be my last pity party post and will try to have a better spirit next post.  But I do think it is natural for people to feel overwhelmed or frustrated every once in a while.  Thank goodness it doesn't happen often.  It's a beautiful day, got to play outside w/ the kids I watch and am getting things accomplished.  Tempted to erase this post but think I'll leave it.  Okay, I'm now over feelign whatever it was.  Blue skies, I'm going to enjoy it for sure.  Next post or two is regarding what is going on w/ our funding of the adoption.  What we thought we could do to fund it ourselves, we can not.  Mroe to come on that.  Also, maybe some more pics & happenings around the house.  Busy, busy weekend.  Warren has to work and I have Upwards Basketball(last game) at the church tomorrow.  We'll be there from about 9:45am to around 3 or so pm.  After that, working on the yard & bathroom.  Next week, it is work on the garden we're planting and take 5 of the kids to the dentist.  Yana has a dance tonight.  Warren & Max are grilling out...grilled veggies & shrimp over rice.  Yum.  So, all in all, I should not be complaining.  About two more posts to come.  Have a great weekend.

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