Friday, March 26, 2010

Just hanging around pictures

With some posts lately of a lot of words, figured it was time for just some pictures today.  I only have 9 kids here today.  Need to get used to that I guess w/ 10 kids later this year, huh?  Kids helped me do some serious spring cleaning today.  We clean regularly but this was the nitty gritty type of cleaning.  Irina is going to her friend's b-day party tomorrow for spend the night.  Yana is going skating w/ friend's tonight and spending the night.  So, they're out and about.  Irina made a cake today for Max's birthday tomorrow.  So, I'll ice it in a few minutes and after dinner, we'll have some cake since not everyone will be here tomorrow.  Write a post on Max tomorrow for his birthday.  We're having baked meatballs tonight.  Irina helped me make them as they are time consuming.  Good though.  Warren is coming home, we'll take Yana and then he & I will get some things from Lowes most likely.  Trying to get the house fixed up and cleaned up.  Lots of work.  Going on a camping trip next weekend for Easter.  Should be lots of fun and of course I'll take pictures.  HEre's some pics just from us hanging around the house. 

This is of course our 12 yo Bear.  (aka...Teddy Bear).  He's an awesome dog and just goes with the flow.  Unfortunately, he really is showing his age lately.  Sad to watch as we watched our other dog deteriorate last year.  We love you Bear!  He had to go to Petsmart to give him a bath.  We always do our own grooming of our dogs and such.  Even cut their nails.  However, Bear has Cushings Disease, arthritis and can not get in the tub anymore here.  So, we took him somewhere where they have the equipment and staff to help him get the bath, cleaning he needs.  He looked great but hated every minute of it.  

Most people wouldn't ever put this on their blog.  Yeh, well, I'm not most people.  For those who don't know, RAD kids love to hide or hoard food.  However, sometimes they forget where in the world they put it.  We caught this apple before it went really bad.  We have found sandwiches in our home that even a seasoned CSI expert could not identify. 

Okay, I tried to put these pictures side by side but it did not work.  Oh well.  I'm learning.  We have a wonderful friend whose husband works for a company that does a lot of snack stuff.  Damaged boxes or extras are very welcomed in this house.  You can't tell by the picture but that is a crazy big box of cinnamon bun bars.  And though we usually don't buy them, it does help offset costs.  We still have a bunch of the snack cookies at the bottom as well.  Great to pull out as suprises for the kids.  We are very grateful for this gift.  This is not the only time they've done this either.  They have a couple of kids themselves so they definitely understand.  

Snapped a quick one of Alyona tieing her shoes.  Just because she is so dog gone cute.  Yep, jacket on the floor in the back.  It took Alyona forever to learn to tie her shoes but once she did, there was no stopping her.  I love the fact that the kids know Alyona is mentally challenged and is limited in what she can learn and do.  They all are willing to help her just like when she was learning to tie her shoes.  They all helped.   They also try to include her in things.  Like today she played truth or dare w/ the older kids.  Yeh, not the best game but they included her.  

This is Alex...our mischievious one.  You never know what he is up to.  These last two weeks he has had a horrible time with things.  We're working to see if he needs a med change or if it is stress or what ever else could be going on.  Sometimes as an adoptive parent it is hard to figure out what is adoption related, what is disorder related or what is just normal kid behavior.  We learn each and every time.  Alex has started to develop a tic w/ his hand and that has us concerned.  We're looking into it for sure.  Could be any number of things.  Time will tell.  When you have children w/ mental health disorders, you really have to be hypervigiilent almost.  Alex has come a long way but he has a bit further to go.  Slow and steady.  

That is it for now.  Have a bunch of pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  We have an awards ceremony for 4 of the kids.  Girls and I hope to go yardsaling.  Tomorrow is also Max's birthday and we want to get some things accomplished around the house as well.  We really want to go hiking on Sunday but looks like weather is not going to cooperate.  We'll see.  If not, probably go to church, a museum and then home to finish off some projects.  Busy weekend but a good busy.  Hope you all enjoy it.

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