Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FBI fingerprints...

are approved!!!  Very excited.  For anyone out there in the process of adoption, go ahead and send off your fingerprints early on.  FBI received the prints on January 22nd and approved them on March 16th.  We received them today, March 24th.  Just thought I'd give you all that info in case folks are waiting.  They are taking a long time.  But, they are done and that feels great. 

Mini dossier was sent off apostilled and all.  Happy about that again too.  Now, I need to truck away at the main dossier but really  can't until we get the homestudy going.  The homestudy was supposed to be ready already in my mind's timeframe of things.  LOL.  However, reality was we didn't have the money saved up for all the fees AND the homestudy fees too.  So, signed on w/ agency first and sent off mini dossier.  Had to wait to save for the homestudy.  Homestudy is now roughly $2000 nowadays.  Our first homestudy 10 years ago was $600 I think.  Either that or $800.  Our I-600A was $400.  Why do I remember?  Because I used to think that was outrageous!  Ha!  If I only had known.  Our US side fees have gone up double to triple on most things.  Anyhow, sidetracked.  Next thing I'm doing is sending off our 2nd homestudy app.  The first one was approved.  Again, it was a little mini one.  This one is extensive.  Very extensive.  I was stunned.  Apparently, I'm told Hague countries rely a lot on the homestudy so it makes sense that it would be so extensive.  It's ready to go tonight.  Once it gets to our homestudy agency, they assign the social worker and she comes out here.  They are very, very quick as we've had a homestudy through them before and several post placement reports done through them.  One was done just this past October.  In other words, they know who we are & there is no hiding anything...LOL.  They've come at interesting times and one day we'll have to share all our homestudy stories.  It's a riot after the fact.  During...not so much. 

So, that is the plan.  Send it out, get the social worker here & get this thing finished.  It is what is the key to getting the dossier done & registered in Bulgaria.  I know the homestudy can be done quickly.  I'm not worried.  I just want to be sure I have all my stuff ready.  Seems to be.  So, not much progress.  Once the homestudy is done though, things will be flying out of here and done very quickly.  That's the way it's always worked in the past as well.  Once the homestudy is done, we can also apply for some grants which is vital for this adoption.  However, no guarantees w/ a grant so have to get busy w/ fundraising.  Next step.  Trying to fundraise, work during the day, and keep up w/ a household of 9 is not for the faint of heart.  That's way I'm looking forward to getting away next week, even if it is just camping.  Got to go.  Looking for an implant.  Fundraising post next!


  1. Hi!!! Was re-reading some old blog posts and saw where you left a comment concerning attachment after adopting. Would love to email! Have you experienced FAS at all? We think Mira may also have RAD but not email is


  2. Saw your blog on another friends - someone I know is having an adoption fundraising family carnival