Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deaf Camp!!!--can't wait

Oh, SO excited!  Thought I'd share some info on it.  

Thought I'd pass on some great info for anyone interested. We attend a camp
every year in Roaring Gap, NC. It is the BEST!!! it is put on by the National
Cue Association. You do NOT have to cue to go. We are not a cueing family but are very, very welcomed there. There are signers and cuers. The original
reason our family went was to decide if we should cue or sign. We ended up
signing but were very glad we were exposed to the option of cueing as well.
They have cue classes for those who want to learn. They have many workshops for parents. We have learned something new and useful every single year. Not to mention had a great time doing it. The mountains are beautiful. The food is great and the company is just awesome. Nik loves being around others that are like him. I just told him we were going again this year and he was beyond elated. He started jumping up and down. ALL my kids look forward to going. My oldest will volunteer this year. It is from Friday until Sunday. Just wanted to throw the option out there in case anyone on here wanted to go. Here's a

If none of those help, I have the actual application form I can forward via
email to you. Just let me know if you need it. Hope to meet others on here at
camp!  Our email is

Here are a few pics from years past:


This is the cabin we stay in.  It sleeps 15 on each side.  So, we'll have enough room for all of us next year too!  They have their own bathrooms in them too which is nice.  They are bunkbeds and it makes us really, really appreciate our beds at home when we're done w/ the weekend.  LOL.


they have this giant waterslide all the way down the hill on Friday night.  It is awesome to watch. I do not dare go on it.  I don't see how my Siberian Princesses and Princes go on it quite frankly.  Ice cold water w/ cool temps outside. Yikes.  All are shivering when they're done.  It's insane.  This was from last year so no clear pictures.  Sorry.


Everyone is happy despite the lack of sleep.  It is honestly the most relaxing weekend we have all year long.  The cafeteria overlooks the mountains.  Just superb.


Blast from the past shot.  This was from May of 2008.  They all look so little.  My how they've grown!  Can't wait to see it this year and then next year w/ all ten kids in it.  


And this is the breathtaking view we get to see every single day we're there.  You should see it at night too.  Some of you have to come to this camp in NC.  You just take away so much from it.  Just wanted to share about this amazing camp and hope to see some of you there.  We absolutely love it there.  I'll be sure to take tons of pictures.  It is from May 14th to 16th this year.  

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