Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waiting child Wednesday!!! GREAT OPPORTUNITY

Oh you guys are going to love this and honest to goodness wish this would have been in place before we found our 3 newest additions.  This will knock your socks off w/ this opportunity of a lifetime.  A rarity you get to do this.  I have been able to do a hosting program in my home w/ 3 kids that came from Russia.  I ended up adopting two of them.... Yana and Alex.  Well, this is a REVERSE Hosting Program!  You get to go over to EE(It's not Russia btw) and volunteer at an orphanage while seeing if there is a child there you might wish to pursue the adoption of.  Can you believe it?!  There are two orphanages that they will be working with.  One is a Deaf orphanage and the other where they place healthy children.  This is to take place in April.  You would go over and volunteer at the orphanage for about 2 weeks.  IF all your paperwork is in order before you go(this would include a dossier), it is feasible to complete the adoption all in one trip.  It would be about 4 to 6 weeks total if you chose to do it that way.  However, if you go w/ a homestudy and a POA, identify a child & come back, that would obviously be two trips. This program gives you a little flexibility and the ability to identify a child while there.   I can tell you I am SO excited about this and I'm not even going--LOL.  The opportunity to get to see & experience where your children come from & the life they live is just priceless in my opinion.  I do have all contact information obviously and can give a little more detail.  I just had to share this.  This is not just one waiting child for Wednesday( & yes, I know it is Thursday), but a few orphanages full.  Think of what an adventure this would be.   I love this idea!  Feel free to write me at  Please, please put hosting in the subject line b/c I do get quite a few emails a day between adoption stuff, references, etc.  I will answer your emails.  I do promise.  I can tell you I am getting ready to feed the kids & get them in the bed time routine.  Have much to catch up on for my own personal paperwork tonight.  I watched a neighbor's kids today which may lead to a part time job(tell you later), so I am behind.  If I do not get to this tonight, I will indeed write you all tomorrow morning.  Thanks and hope to hear of many going.  I know for one the blessing of having a deaf child.  And years ago, I would have NEVER have said that.  Just being honest here.  They are such creative children.  Off track, sorry.  Please consider this hosting program.  I do think this is an unique opportunity whether you want to adopt a deaf child or a healthy child.  BTW, I believe the ages range from 2 to 13 years old.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and do pass it on.  Totally forgot yesterday(after a few emails) to put in that this is currently for married couples.  I wish I had better news for single parents as there are a great many wonderful single parents out there(know quite a few of them!).  I do not make the rules, however, just relay the messages.  Maybe next time(keeping fingers crossed they'll do this again) they'll open the doors a little more and let singles partake in this opportunity as well. 

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  1. Check your mail friend! I am so interested in the reverse hosting program! I know you have nothing better to do than email me! Ha Ha!