Monday, February 8, 2010

Upwards Basketball Games- continued

I think I left off w/ Alyona's game & covered Nik's game.  I am now moving onto Bojan & Alex, who happen to play against each other that evening. 


This is actually during Alyona's game.  I was SO, SO proud of Alex.  He has really developed an understanding lately that his sister is limited in many areas.  He knows she is much slower than him mentally.  Alex was sitting here the whole time rooting & cheering her on.  Yes, he was.  Go Alyona!  You can do it!  Those were some of the things he shouted to her.  He told me later he is going to help her shoot the ball.  Good for him.  Have to sidetrack and tell you this story.  Alyona went to Special Olympics last year.  She had to do the long jump & the softball throw.  Well, Alex said he'd help her practice throwing.  Trust me, Alex is an expert in this area--LOL.  I thought nothing of it really.  It was the Olympics and Alyona's turn.  Knowing her messed up arm & such, the judges were standing maybe 3 feet in front of her as were we.  The whole crowd outside erupted in screaming and cheering as that ball went clear across the field.  The judges had to run down the field to go measure.  I mean, I dont' think I could have thrown it that far.  When our eyes finally popped back into our heads, people started to ask her where do yyou learn to throw like that.  Proudly, Alyona answered " My brother Alex taught me."   That was a moment I don't think I'll ever forget.  So, I do think Alex can teach her to shoot.  We no longer have a basketball goal but maybe I Max can rig something up on the tree.   We'll see.  


Here's Bojan & Alex in action.  Can not believe the coaches had them guarding against each other.  Bojan is limited due to his prosthetic and clubfoot. Though it's really the clubfoot that gives him more trouble. However, Bojan has the cleverness to outsmart Alex on some moves.  So, it's kind of an even playing field when you look at it that way.  Bojan did fall quite a bit in the first two quarters.  One time he fell, another kid fell onto and landed w/ Bojan's foot in his head...ouch.  That prosthetic is all metal and that hook of a foot does indeed hurt.  Kid was okay but it wouldn't suprise me if he had aknot on his head from it.  Now, Alex fell, another kid landed on top of him.  Alex ended up smacking his jaw against the floor.  Ice pack for a few minutes and he survived.  Alex is very athletically inclined and extremely active.  We picked basketball for him b/c figured it wasn't as rough as football.  Alex has one kidney (another FAS birth defect) and can not risk injuring it doc said.  We let Alex play anything but football or wrestling.  Alex is okay with that.  Anyhow, Alex has to stop for water frequently when playing as he gets very overheated. He can not regulate his body temp.  That's kind of hard in the summer as we live in NC. 100 degree weather doesn't help him any.  Don't worry, we found a solution.  Alex and Bojan both played amazingly well and I think actually enjoyed a little friendly competition between brothers.  Fun watching them.  


I have no idea why my child is bundled up like this watching tv.  He told me he was pretending to be someone else.  I guess he plans on exploring Antartica or something.  Bojan has 2 winter jackets on, a sweatshirt, gloves, a hat and pajamas.  And yes, of course there is stuff all over the floor.  What picture would be complete w/ out dvd's laying out (Warren hates this) and a dog in the background.  I let him wear this.  Trust me, he didn't keep it on for long.  It's cold in our house but not that cold--LOL.  

This is Max helping me out.  We were filling up birdfeeders.  Yes, it's February and he has on shorts and no jacket.  Crazy kids.  I usually am bundled up in a jacket w/ a hood & gloves on.  I'm all for the beach.


We try to make sure we feed the birds in winter.  Though I must say, the squirrels end up eating a lot of it.  Still, was nice to come home today and see about 4 birds eating out of this feeder and a pile out of the rest of the feeders.  We have wildlife in our own yard that the kids like to explore.  From birds to squirrels to bugs to rabbits to deer to you name it.  We like that about living here and so do the kids.  We like sitting at our dining room table in the spring and have the hummingbirds come right up to the window to feed.  Just makes the meal.  

That's about all I have for now from some of the weekend of games and school.  I'm writing a post ready for tomrrow about Nik and the implant he has.  Also, maybe some from yesterday and what the kids are working on at school.  Though we are in process of adopting, our other current lives must go on.  Hope I can share some of it with you.  It's normal most of the time. 

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