Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time flies... when you're tired

Oh my, oh my.  This has been one long weekend.  I think I last wrote on here on Friday.  Well, yesterday was Saturday and it felt like one of those Groundhog Days... you know, one of those days that just will never ever end.  Okay, started off without being able to sleep in. Why?  Because the kids all had a make up snow day on Saturday.  They did nothing in school but played and learned nothing while doing it.  Nice, huh?  Total waste of time but Warren and I had things to do and places to go.  So, off to school they went.  Call it mean if you want to but that is what we did.  Warren and I had to be quick though as they had an early release day.  We decided to go to TJMaxx first.  For those that don't know, it is a type of discount store.  They get leftover stock or what have you and it sells for a whole lot less.  For a larger family like ours, we look for deals whenever we can.  And remember, I have many w/ FAS w/ no cause and effect thinking as I've said before.  Things get broken here all the time, every single week.  Last week, it was the smoke detector( Max) and blender (Irina).  Today, someone squeezed the goop tube and ended up ruining Yana's MP-3 player that ways laying by it.  (Haven't told her yet).  Not intentional but both not using their cause and effect thinking skills.  Irina scrubbed the blender out like mad til it broke.  OCD.  Sometimes, I would just love for it to be a mess one day.  Sounds odd, I know.  But the germ-a-phob and ultra cleanliness get to you sometimes.   Did managed to find some really pretty thank you cards and notecards while there.  Irina has a penpal so she writes a bit more now.  Love that.  Had to take a picture of them just for kicks.  Well, that & I'm trying to practice close up shots.  I've always wanted to learn photography & am determined to do so.  Sorry, you guys will get a lot of stupid shots.  Like this:

It was then onto our monthly Sam's pilgrimage.  It truly is amazing how much faster you can go through a store w/ no kids along.  Really.  It had to have been a record for us.  And, best of all, we only got one cart.  ONE cart at Sam's.  Usually, we have 3 carts.  Since we are trying to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies, we don't have a whole lot to purchase there anymore.  that's a good thing.  Got home & unloaded.  Kids started arriving home.  Fed them all homemade potato soup that had been simmering all day.  It was a race against time.  Had to be at basketball game by 3:45.  Yikes!  Yet, we did it.  And, off to the game...which was running late.  But before we could go, we did have to get ready.  Some pics from that process:


Part of our process to getting ready is making sure everyone has their gear.  This means we have to switch Bojan's leg out for his running leg.  Nik has seen this done many times before but for some reason kept laughing at it this time.  I'm not sure if it was the sock on the foot or what.  He was just cracking up.  


Alyona is not too happy right here.  She hates to eat unless it is sweets.  Always been this way & explain it in another post one day.  Been this way since we picked her up.  Doc said we can put a feeding tube in her but we said no way.  No easy way out (though I do understand feeding tubes are NOT easy).  Just for her, it is a power struggle thing.  A control issue.  However, rules are you finish your meal unless you are sick.  Or, we all have to be somewhere.  This time, if she did not finish, she was not going to play her game.  Reluctantly, she finished her meal.  


Nik testing out his balance and Bojan testing out his new leg.  Only thing w/ this is when we got there, we realized Bojan had never worn the leg on carpet before.  A little different as it has bicycle tread on the bottom of it.  Traction.  He got used to the carpet quickly though.  Kids w/ prosthetics are no big deal.  Especially, once you get used to fixing them, switching them out and just basic care.  It is second nature to us all and to the folks at Lowes Hardware.  Why Lowes you ask?  Because when Warren goes into the store holding Bojan's leg for a part, they all know the deal.  First time was a bit shocking for them there I think.  That is one hardware question they don't get asked too often I'm sure.  BTW, insurance will not pay for kids to have sports legs like this which I think is ashame.  We have Blue Cross Blue Shield for our insurance carrier. However, I heard they all do this.  We were able to get a grant to get his running leg.  VERY appreciative to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  Really has made a positive change in his life.  


My three stooges.  Bojan, Alex and Nik.  Alyona was still eating at the time.  They all have grown so, so much this last year.  Warren says Nik gets older with every haircut.  He sure does.  They have so much fun playing Upwards Basketball.  It really is a wonderful program and we have a wonderful church that does it.  Ebeneezer United Methodist Church in Raleigh.  Can't wait to attend a service there one of these days.  Teens were supposed to go to start the youth group tonight.  However, too many projects happening for them.  Next weekend they should be able to make it.  


This is Nik dribbling down the court.  You should have seen him light up when he made the basket.  It was great.  Everyone was cheering and he felt like a million bucks.  Arms were waving and he was just screaming out of sheer joy.  The teammates are wonderful too. They help him & understand about him.  There was one kid from another team that I wished I had gotten his name to thank his parents. He kept coming over and encouraging Nik & giving him high fives.  Great game.  

Sorry for the sideways picture.  Since were at the church for hours upon hours & can't really afford to go to the consession stand all the time, we bring our own snacks.  I brought a bag of Sun Chips.   Kids ate them up w/ some water.  Remember, we had just eaten dinner when we left so it's a short snack this time.  Next Saturday, we'll be bringing our lunch too.  Max & Nik went to the car to get the chips this time.  


This is Alyona.  I have no idea why on earth she wanted to play basketball.  She was a cheerleader last year.  But, we let her.  At first, she was just standing there like this.  Later though, we actually got to see her hustle!  They had really big kids guarding her and she got pushed alot.  HOwever, she never complained about it, not even once.  I was proud of her.

Came home after 9pm and got everyone ready for bed.  Rephrase that, let everyone go to bed with no bath or chores done b/c we were too lazy to do so.  Sound better as a parent? 

Woke up today w/ tons to do.  Since this is already so long & I need to go eat dinner( big thank you Warren!), I'll finish up about our Sunday tomorrow.  Warren loves to make meals on the grill.  Tonight it is shrimp stir fry.  He grills the shrimp and veggies on the grill and we put it all on top of rice.  Whole family loves it.  He makes up a lot of his own seasonings and recipes & hits it dead on.  Only one recipe that none of us liked.  He is dreaming of a Chinese cookbook for some recipes.  Hoping I can find one for him one of these days.  He really is a great cook.  Kids like his scrambled eggs better than mine.  Tarragon is key w/ that one.  I do the baking & can bake.  Warren is more of the chef.  Though I do all cooking during the week, he takes over on the weekends and enjoys it.  I told him we should can the marinara sauce he came up with and sell it.  It is all organic & absolutely fantastic!  I told him we could sell it.  He didn't believe me when I told him for how much.  Showed him the organic sauces at the grocery store.  wow.  $8 to $10 a jar.  I think he was surprised.  Still, can't get him to do that.  I do think he is onto something and just doesn't realize it. 

Okay, choppy post.  Will post more later.  Kids are not going to bed like thy're supposed to tonight.  URGHH.  Write more and share more pics of basketball a bit later. 

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