Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow pictures-- a few more

Our snow fun continued all the way into Sunday.  Here are a few more pics from that day of adventure as well.  Hope you enjoy them. 


Remember that tub of gum Warren surprised them with?  Well, here it is all over Irina's face.  And yes, she actually wanted me to take this picture.   Wait, I think this is the gum.  It is either the gum or a silly face mask she and Yana put on themselves.


Getting ready to once again brave the cold.  We think Alyona looks like a little Babooshka here.  She said she used to tie them like this in Russia.  I'm sure she did b/c that is how you'd see allof them wear their scarves in winter.  


Well, this is an unsuccessful attempt at a photo shot.  Did NOT work as you can see.  Can't even see Alex's face.  Love trying different shots with them to see what we can come up with.  Sunburst... no.  Pryamid...no.  Standing still...no.   Getting a shot w/ all of them together seems to be rare.  You'd think the older they get the more cooperative they'd be.  Ummm, no.  I tried is all I can say for this one.  


The kids finally got him on the sled!  He wasn't too keen on the idea but hey, at least he tried it.  he'll go on all sorts of thrill rides (roller coasters & all) but didn't want to sled.  Go figure.  He did great.  However, he only went one ride.  Maybe next snow.  Now me, I went down & up and up & down the hills all day.  Roller coasters however, HUGE chicken.  The biggest one alive.  I do not like thrill rides whatsoever.  Though I still hate the really, really fast sled we used.  LOL.  Oh wait, my husband said I use LOL way too much.  I will try to contain that phrase.  Try.  I know very little computer acronyms so I guess I use them while I can.  


Love this picture.  This is IRina coming down the hill.  BTW, this was a street.  And this was not the notarious "Death Hill" either.  This is just a small hill in the neighborhood but boy, you could really, really get up some speed.  It was nuts.  This day it was not snowing outside.  Cold but sunny.  All my kids got sunburned.  I told them put on sunscreen but no one believes mom.  My kids are religious about putting on sunscreen in the summer.  Just have to convince them the sun reflecting on snow is just as rough.  Of course, this was only one day so not too worried.  


Irina does not know he's doing this behind her.  What else she doesn't know is that Bojan does indeed have a snowball in his hand waiting to put it down her shirt.  Nice brother, huh?  Don't worry, she got even with no problem.  You can see the hill in the background.  I ran up and down that thing so many times.  So much fun though.  We really did have a good time.  


This is me and Nik on a sled.  The boogie boards w/ the slick bottoms are the fastest down the hill.  There is another shot on the red raft.  You won't see that one on here.  Nor will you see the crash into the trees.  Or me screaming I hate this red one!  Instead, this is a picture of calm.  Notice the street.  That's the street we live on and it's all ice and snow.  ATV's were driving on it but not too much else.  Again, blue skies and just wonderful to be outside all day with the kids.  Now, I'm ready to get them back outside after being in all day today.  


This picture just about says it all for our whole snow days.  Just look at the expression on Alex's face.  It's priceless!  They went over and over and over again.  Alex did not stop smiling all day long.  We dont' have many pictures of Yana as she was out with her friends all day long.  Once they get older, they don't spend as much time with their parents.  That's for sure.  hope you enjoyed some of these pictures over the past few days.  I do have more.  Just not enough time in the day to post them.  Adoption paperwork is taking precedence now and getting the children home.  I'm sure you all will understand that.  Have a wonderful week.  many, many more posts to come.  I get asked quite a few questions so figured I'd tackle some of the common ones.  Kids have school tomorrow so I am thrilled.  Fun playing with them but nice to get back to routine. 

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