Monday, February 15, 2010

Small victories on the adoption front

Adoption, when something goes "right," you celebrate.  It does NOT matter how small that thing is, you take it as a huge sign you are on the right track.  Well, this Friday afternoon, we got a partial victory.  Here's a peek:


Do you know what that could possibly be?  No, not the stains on the envelopes silly.  The actual envelopes!  Here's a hint:  They're from the US Government.  No guess yet?  Here's another hint:


That's right.  Our US Passports that will allow us to travel to Bulgaria!!!!  I didn't want to take a picture of the actual passport.  No telling what stupid rules there might be out there w/ that.  So, a brochure will have to do.  What I hated about getting the passports renewed is that we had to turn in our old passports.  That was more of a memoir to me of where we'd been to bring our children home.  How we've travelled halfway around the world to bring them here.  Just wish they'd let you keep the old one.  The new passports are harder.  I learned from Warren that apparently there is a microchip in them.  I don't like that idea but not much I can do about it so I just enjoy the fact that we have our passports in hand.  It is much different than our old passports for sure.  All I really care about though, is it gets us to Bulgaria and back!  
Our FBI fingerprint checks are still not back yet.  We actually sent those off before the passports.  I'm hearing though that these things are taking months to get back.  Impatiently, I wait.  Never been a patient person but as I've said before, the adoption process helps with that.  I'm learning.  

The dossier kit is being sent to me this week.  Wahoo!  I will have my first look at it later this week and let you all know how it is.  I hear it is less than Russia so there is at least a plus.  Still, it's enxtensive, I'm sure.  Piles of paperwork are worth every bit of craziness & headache that come with it.  Our kids waiting for us halfway around the world are worth it to us.  I will fill out, get signatures, drop off papers, make phone calls, etc.  Everything I need to do to bring the kids home.  I can actually say I'm excited about this dossier kit.  I know it will be my last one.  Forever.  Done.  I look forward to each and every page and completing it knowing full well I'll never have to do it again.  Knowing at the end of all thsoe signatures, there are 3 great kids waiting to become part of the Boyd Bunch.  So, I have a feeling next week you'll be getting more lessons on dossier paperwork.   There are some hints you know that do help.  I will share those next week when I discuss filling out a dossier. 

I will post more later today on our weekend.  Busy, busy and I'm still tired.  I don't have to watch the babies today so am cleaning up, doing paperwork(surprise, surpise), some blogging, and organizing.  Chat later w/ some pictures to follow.  BTW, finally started reading the camera manual.  Going to next find a book someone recommended.  Any sites anyone has for me to learn about digital photography, do let me know.  SO excited to learn about it.  Want to learn how to take some decent pictures of my kids.  Much more to come. 


  1. Every victory is a step closer...

  2. congrats! each small step gets you closer to the ultimate goal!!