Monday, February 1, 2010

Saturday Snow!!!-- part III

Well, some more pics of course.  Hope you've enjoyed some of the pictures of our rare NC snow.  I know we have!  Here's some more to tell the stories. 

This is Bojan attempting to make a snow angel.  Quite unsuccessful when it's ice.  Didn't have the heart to tell them all.  


Another one of our angels...Alyona.  She was trying to keep her hands warm.  Poor thing has not one once of body fat.   Lucky kid.  Alyona is still our pink princess as you can see.  EVen in the snow.  


This is Nik.  Currently, our littlest angel.  And I do realize he has pink gloves on.  They're his sister's gloves.  And her shoes!  His shoes got soak and wet.  We do a lot of improvising here as parents.  


And after a very cold, wet day in the snow, what is better than chili?!  They ate the entire pot full.  Must say, there were absolutely no leftovers...something I was hoping for for lunch the next day.  Oh well.  It was thoroughly enjoyed despite Warren spicing it up a bit.  To top it off, we had this for dessert:


This is a red velvet cake w/ homemade buttercream icing.  Mixed a little blue up so I could write them a special message.  What do you think?  They ate the whole thing over 2 days time.  Well, with the help of friends as it was two layers.  Snowflake was a rush job so looks pretty pitiful.  Can't believe I even took a picture of it.  Great thing is kids don't care what it looks like--LOL.  Got to run.  Dinner time & then paperwork for a rush to Bulgaria.  Tell in another post tonight.  I'm working on it now.  


  1. Hi Stephanie!... Great pics!!!... I was reading your facebook today and Thought: "Yea, thats the bad side of the snowing areas!... The kids are all day long inside the house under the flourescent light!... No bikes, No soccer, almoust nothing but play in the snow!... I didn´t wanted that for my kids!, thats why we moved to the farm side: warm, sunlight, flat and the snow visit us every so often!...
    BTW Nick is without socks laying in the snow?!... OMG!!!... I Could not feel my feets frozen!!!... I can´t sleep without socks even in summer!... -I know I´m ridiculous!... but I couldn't help it!... -
    Kind regards from here!!!...

  2. Wow!
    What a time you all are having in the snow!
    And red velvet..yum! fave!