Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Picture updates

Just thought I'd put in a couple of picture updates today.  It has been a very busy day.  BTW, we got the old passports...wahoo!!!  Makes it that much more real that we're going.  Really does.  Waiting on the FBI fingerprint checks and know they'll be awhile.  I should also get my dossier kit soon.  I'm ready to get started.  Oh, SO ready.  Should be flying over stuff the next few weeks.  And now, for some boring updates.


As everyone knows, all our kids are in the special education program in one way or another.  What most don't know, is we have one of the worst special ed programs in the state. I'm not exaggerating.  It's nuts here what we have to fight for...the basic services.  They don't recognize dyslexia as a learning disability even!  None of my kids have that but still, gives you an idea of the stupidity of it all here.  Many parents here have to hire lawyers to get proper help.  Sad really.  These kids have so much potential.  I'll write about the schools one of these days.  This photo is of my IEP's from this yea;r so far.  I attend IEP meetings for my children.  Last week's was Alyona's.  I sat there dumbfounded that they are making her take a standardized test for the state of NC and she can't even read yet.   


These are not pretty but this is what you get when you have a 2yo and 3yo helping you.  They helped me make them AND ice them.  You can't tell by the platter too well but they are in the shape of hearts.  We enjoyed eating them for sure.  For those who are trying to raise money, think of doing a "job" versus selling things.  I put ads out for babysitting, simple chores, etc.  Turns out my neighbor needed a part-time sitter during the week.  I enjoy her children and am very grateful I had the opportunity.  So now, it has turned into a little job which will help with adoption costs.  So, do think about possibly doing that.  Just an idea.  We all devoured these cupcakes.  


This is "minnie mouse."  That's always been Alyona's nickname and we really can't tell you why.  Just something that stuck.  She is proudly holding her tooth.  I swear we must be the ONLY family in  America that has a "tooth mouse" visit versus the tooth fairy.  It all started b/c Yana told us the mouse visits them in Russia.  I have never heard of this at all.  Not from anyone else.  Dont' know if it was orphanage specific or what.  Well, it stuck.  So now, they loose a tooth, we have to open a stupid window for the mouse to get in to get hte tooth.  Yes, even in the middle of winter.   The tooth mouse here always leaves them a dollar.  Then they go to the dollar store.  


Bad picture but had to catch Alex in the act.  Warren and I actually have a separate peanut butter jar from the kids.  Why?  Because for some reason all my children think they need to lick the entire knife and then dip it back in the jar...yuck.  Alex is making his lunch for tomorrow for school.  He's licking his lips here after just finishing off the knife.  


Irina made this in art last semester and just got it back.  They never had the chance to glaze it.  It was supposed to be pottery imitating ancient Greece.  I think  she did a great job.  How about you??  Irina made this one.  I'm going to use it for a potted plant I think.  


I am VERY limiting on how much video game time my kids have.  They do not play everyday and they are allowed to play 20 to 30 minutes at a time when they do play.  These two are SO obsessed I have to be extremely careful.  Last year, Bojan did not even move.  NOt even to go to the bathroom.  That was the most disgusting thing I think I have seen.  Nik was literally distraught yesterday as I said he could play video games, then went to his bookbag not thinking much of it.  Pulled out a pink slip for him getting on trouble on the bus.  Ran over, turned off the game.  You thought I had just cut off his arm w/ a razor blade.  He knows when he acts like that, he's going to be banned for awhile.  He tried apologizing, kissing up, etc.  Nope.  I wouldn't budge.  None of my other kids get into it as much.  Just Nik and Bojan.  Still have yet to figure this one out.  We have the Wii system.  It is really fun I must admit.  


I am glad on one hand that Alyona has finally learned to use the phone.  On the other...this is all we see.  Her friends call her all the dog gone time!  It really is crazy.  We are still teaching her not to take the phone into the bathroom wiht you when you go to use the restroom.  Glad she is able to communicate with her friends from class outside of school.  I think she is practicing to be one of her sisters.  
A few tidbits of info.  Much going on here at Chaos Manor.  Car needs inspecting.  Doesn't sound like a big deal but we now have to replace Warren's entire windshield.  Not ever cheap of course.  His car also needs new tires, oil change, alignment and forget what else.  Shoot, isn't that enough?  Warren is working this weekend so I have the kids myself most of the time.  We have basketball all day Saturday but are planning to go absolutely nowhere on Sunday.  The teens have all had some major projects lately and it is time consuming.  I have a few parent-teacher conferences coming up so will be busy wiht that.  I started a job watching my neighbor's kids so that keeps me busy & off the computer during the day.  4 younger ones are all in the midst of basketball season and enjoying it.  Bojan's leg is totally broken so he is currently using his running leg.  Not the ideal situation but glad we have a spare.  Calling tomorrow to order the part.  He should be getting his brace in soon too.  Everyone is currently healthy.  Phew.  However, that could change quickly.  There are many, many viruses going around the schools and just trying to make sure everyone stays healthy.  I do what I can.  I'm still reading my camera manual to soak up some info.  It's a start.  I'm really going to try to learn some basic digital photography this year.  Should be fun.  More going on.  TEll you all later. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... Just to tell you that here in Argentina, there is also a MOUSE that take your lost tooth from below your pillow during the night; and he leave some money instead!.
    It´s an old tradition. I don´t know were it comes from?!... Thanks God, we don´t have to leave the window open in winter!!!... It´s nice that you take this tradition from your kids!... Bye!... Kind Regards!...