Monday, February 15, 2010

Our weekend

Now that I filled you in on the adoption front, time to get back to regular family life.  For that is what you do when you are adopting...keep living and try not to think too much about the kids that will be joining your family.  Trust me, I know it is very hard to do but you have to in order to keep your sanity.  So, for life here, we went to bed late, late Friday night as we were SURE they'd cancel Upwards basketball the next day.  Ummm, no, they did not. So, to bed late they went Friday night after all the excitement.  Remember, any type of snow here is a big event.  It did provide a beautiful view though and was great to wake up to.  So, while eating pancakes, sausage and orange juice for breakfast, we got to enjoy this breathtaking view:


Isn't it just beautiful?  Nice to have a hot breakfast together while staring out at some of nature's beauty.  
Not too much time to stare however, as we had a game to get to.  We enjoy watching them play but being there 5 straight hours is SO hard. But, we made it there and Nik was first up.  Then, Alyona, Bojan and Alex.  We brought our lunch as usual.  Here's a few pics:


This is Nik after he just got called out.  He is ready to play.  He has some great teammates this year for sure.  And, his coordination has gotten so, so much better compared to last year.  Notice, the no glasses thing.  Oooh, I'm so mad.  Okay, he's supposed to wear glasses.  We went to get him new glasses and Warren let Nik pick them out.  He's always had round glasses and these were more of a rectangular shape.  Remember, Nik picked them out.  They come in and Nik said he wanted the round ones...urghh.  No,we're NOT going to go buy yet another pair of glasses.  Some of you know the history behind the eye glasses wearing and some don't.  Suffice it to say, we've bought enough glasses to probably keep an optometrist shop in business for months.  Moving on.


Alex, trying to pass the time by being goofy.  BTW, Nik took this shot.  He thought it was funny.


Boredom is starting to take over here.  Teens are ready to go.  Alex is just hamming it up for the camera.   These by the way are the coveted chairs everyone wants.  They're cushiony.  Otherwise, you're stuck sitting on hard bleachers for hours on end.  Not fun.  Must say though, we feel like chair vultures waiting for a seat when it comes available.  My back was so sore after Saturday's game.  Spent most of it on the bleachers.  


Here's Bojan getting ready to run.  See him putting that running leg to action.  He loves the fact that he can run better with it.  Once again, I have to say  a big huge thanks to the Challenged Athletes Foundation(CAF) that made the grant possible.  For those w/ kids w/ limb differences, they give these grants out every year.  You do have to apply and have recommedations and such but it is so very worth it.  He just lights up about being able to run better with it.  Wish insurance companies would give more than just the one standard prosthetic to kids.  It opens doors if they have some other opportunities for sure.  He next wants a swimming leg.  


This is Alyona and 'J'.  Aren't they cute as can be?? ' J' likes Alyona and Alyona likes 'J'.  Too funny to watch these two tease each other.  Earlier in this shot, those two were arguing about the color of his skin.  Alyona was positive he was black and 'J' said no way, can't you see I'm brown?  He didn't believe she was 10 so that was the next argument.  They went on like this the whole game and in between their arguements, always ended up like this:


Too sweet, huh?  All of us were cracking up at these two.  Great little kid though.  She laughs when you mention his name.  A little giggle and then a smile.   Ahh, to be young again.


This is when you know it is getting time to go home.  Nik and Bojan were putting on their shirts to look like babooshkas.  Little old grandmothers.  Many of these walking around Eastern Europe.   
So after all the playing around, it was time to go home.  We were supposed to go to a wonderful bonfire at our friend's farm but were just honestly so exhausted.  We were just ready to go home and crash.  And that is what we all did.  Got up the next day and plan to get stuff done.  And boy did we ever.  More pictures and posts.  Hoping to finish up Nik's deafness posts in the next day or so.  Just been really busy trying to get NC tax situation settled.  URGHH. Never dull. 

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