Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday

Got to love Mondays.  Today, I'm not doing much of anything.  Don't have to watch the babies today so really wanted to be super productive outside.  Well, it's pouring out.  no go.  Plus, I can not move my neck.  Saturday, I slipped in the boys' room...remember what it looks like:


It was actually worse than this at the time when I slipped.  URGHH.  So, now I can't move my neck and it's killing me.  Hurts like crazy along w/ my back.  Thought I could "work" out the kink by doing yard work yesterday.  Ummm, no is the answer to that stupid idea.  Though, part of the yard is looking better.  Live and learn.  I decided to do basically nothing today but phone calls and computer work.  Hoping to let the muscles relax.  I went for a walk this morning but not far.  Walking was okay but walking uphill was actually painful.  Ridiculous!  Chiropractor is out sick for the first time in years.  Can't go until Wednesday.  I'll make it.  Ironically, I used to think chiropractors were scam artists.  Biting my tongue on that one nowadays.  I have found an awesome chiropractor locally.  BEFORE I found the practice, I had allergies(severe), back pain(again, severe), sinus headaches, pain and numbness in my arms, messed up stomach, etc.  Starting going to him and continue for maintenance just twice a month.   I no longer have numbness, no back pain(unless I fall in the boys' room!), rarity I have sinus headaches, no stomach troubles and no allergy medicine needed.  It is awesome.  Feel better too.  Highly recomend one and that says a lot coming from the biggest skeptic in the world.  I will hopefully feel better after Wednesday's treatment.  

Meantime, I'm calling places.  For what you ask?  I think it is high time we get some repairs done to this house.  We try to fix this house when needed and appreciate having this home to live in.  What most of you don't know on here is last house we lived in was a nightmare.  We bought a model home..brand new.  It literally fell apart before our eyes and one day I may tell the whole story.  Suffice it to say, it was one of our greatest mistakes.  We left that home w/ a $30K debt that was NOT our fault but incurred from all the repairs that had to be done to the house.  Builder was shady as was the developer.    Again, very long story and hope to share one day.  It took us forever to pay off that money.  That $30K would have come in handy today for this adoption for sure.  But, we live and learn life's lessons and move forward.  This home is almost 20 years old but in great shape.  Still, when a home ages, it needs repairs.  Our biggest concern besides the heat pump, are the windows.  Here is what some look like:

It is not so much that it is ugly as anything, it is the fact that this is now becoming a structural problem and we don't want that.  We've had estimates on fixing the window rot.  We now unfortunately, have to buy new windows.  And since this is the garage and will become Alyona, "Little Bit," and "Cutie Pie's," room, it needs to be done for safety reasons.  Hoping we can find someone reasonable but having my doubts.  There are quite a few that need to be replaced and during an adoption, that is always tough.  Not impossible though so working on it.

These are the dormer windows.  Did a zoom shot.  The roof is not in that great of shape either and we realize that.  However, there are no leaks at the moment.  But a roof lasting for 20 years is about at the end of it's life for this house.  What you all can't see is on the inside of the windows, mold has started to grow.  Now, we left the last house b/c the mold made me so, so sick.  And b/c the house was falling apart.  We don't want a repeat so it is imperative the worst windows get fixed first.  They are old and not very good windows to begin with.  Not well insulated for sure.   They have done their job well over the years though.

Blurry but you might be able to see the extensive damage that's been done.  This is one of the master bedroom windows.  Almost looks like it's melting away from the house.  When we looked at this one is when we discovered the back porch rot.  Warren is going under the house this weekend to see if it has reached the structural stuff and support beams yet.   This is not all b/c of bad craftsmanship.  This is just wear and tear on an aging house.  Just wish it didn't age all at once-_LOL.  So, we have shifted some of our priorities of getting stuff done.  Safety has to be # 1 priority for sure.  That and health.  The add ons can wait if they must.  Though, they can't wait for long.  Getting some fundraising done is going to have to become priority over the next few weeks.  Discuss more of that tomorrow.  

If any of you locally know of great window replacers or some other folks that do odd jobs, please do contct me and let me know thier information.  We are looking around for sure and already have a few calls in.  But, like to use local help w/ recommendations over anything else.  

Once windows and some little odd fix it up jobs are done, we are going to be building our own shed.  This is the 1st step in the girls getting their new room.  Shed will be built, stuff in the garage will be moved to the new shed and sold as well or thrown out.  Lots to go through.  Then, the construction on turning the garage into an actual girls' room will begin.  Hey, any locals that want to help, we are all for it and will throw a "barn raising" party for sure!  This weekend we will start work on our organic garden we are going to be doing.  A rather large garden and hope that it will give us enough room to produce a majority of veggies and fruits for us.  That would be awesome.  So, lots of work going on in this home the next few months.  We'd rather get it all done now before the three kids get home.  It is a nightmare to have new children home and get them adjusted while major construction is going on.  This is what we had to do when Yana, Alex and Bojan came home.  Not doing it again.  So, working full force to get all this accomplished before our kids get home.  Part of the adoption process is making room for the ones coming home.  That's what we are doing.  Making room.  Keep you all posted on our progress and we do have spare hammers..hint, hint.  LOL.  Have a great week.  We have Upwards Basketball practice this evening.  So, need to get ready for dinner early.  I'll have a few pictures tomorrow on our weekend.  Nothing exciting.  Oh, quick tidbit of info.  ALL the kids' progress reports were excellent!  Many, many hundreds in there too which happily suprised me.  Max is doing fine being out of his self-contained class.  Yana is doing awesome in her academics as well.  they are considering taking her out of self-contained at the end of the year.  Irina is working hard on her occupational program as well.   She is now liking school better this semester so I am relieved.  Good bye.

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