Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night..what are you doing??

It's a Saturday night.  And what are you doing??  I'm waiting for my husband to get home from work and try to get all of us in the cleaning mood...unsuccessfully I might add. We had Upwards Basketball today and the kids did great.  We did not have a stellar morning getting ready however.  We were missing a basketball shirt, one needed a haircut, & one we realized had absolutely no underwear left.  Yes, typical trying to get ready morning here.  But, we fixed all that, we're out the door and on time.  Even remembered to bring apples for us to snack on while there.  Warren dropped me off at the doc's office.  My wicked sinus headache had moved to my chest and not getting better.  Antibiotics for a week and I should be as good as new.  Yeh.  However, not allowed to do cardio workouts until Wednesday.  I tried to do weightlifting this morning and you would have thought I ran 3 miles. LOL.  It was bad.  Just didn't have the air in my lungs.  I guess that's why cardio is out.  So, I'm going to do some light yardwork and walk.  That should help I hope.  Nothing much going on.  We're going to be finishing the mini dossier & starting on the big one tomorrow.  I"m ready.  Really am.  Max has a project to do.  Tomorrow we will be doing a lot of errand running and cleaning up.  Needs to be done. Lately, I have been organizing like crazy.  I dont' know if it is that nesting feeling you get w/ adoptions or just that spring fever type of cleaning.  May be a combo of both.  Tomorrow I am also goign to take the time to finish Nik's post b/c there is SO MUCH to say.  He went to all his audiology check ups this past Thursday and is begging us for a 2nd implant.  Literally, Nik is asking us for the implant.  I'llt ell mroe about it later.  He has been molded again for hearing aid for unimplanted ear and that is standard protocol.  Be nice if the hearing aid worked for him but being that it didn't work before, I'm not putting much faith in it working this time.  Time will tell.  Write more about that though in another post.  Estimates are due to come in on /tuesday  or so.  We will then decide what can get done and what is priority.  Anything structural we have no choice in the matter.  Have to do it.  5 windows have to be replaced.  One quote I received was $1650!  Waiting for a few more to come in.  Not good timing during an adoption.  But, life happens and here at Chaos Manor, we roll w/ the punches.  Some photos to break up monotany.


Not the best shot but hey, I'll learn.  This is Warren w/ Alyona and Nik.  They usually beg him to do this whenever they can.  Especially, after he's just gotten home from work.  He's lifting about 90 lbs. here.  They love it though.  

We've been spending the past few days "spring cleaning" outside.  This is part of our entrance way.  We have a small fountain.  Unfortunately, Warren and Max have yet to get flow right so it still sounds like someone using the toilet. We crack up and so do other people when they hear it.  Warren said he'd adjust it later.  Fine.  Anyhow, we cleaned out the winter water & dead leaves and set it back up.  We also have almost finished remulching the front walk area.  We clean out the dead stuff and put new mulch down every spring.  I still can't plant anything as it is still too cold.  But, it is so beautiful outside, we like to do a little fixing up outdoors.  I think our neighbor's will appreciate our effort.  Remember, I used to work in a florist shop so I really do love flowers.  Killing me not to plant anything yet as I'm so ready for spring.  But, weather is calling for snow Tuesday and Wednesday.  No plantings yet.  Soon though.  For now, we just clean up.  Kids are great about helping in the yard.  

More proof we are ready for spring.  I love color.  Though I can't have a whole lot of color in the kids rooms due to level of stimulation that can have, I can at least have some items in the house that are bright.  This is one of them.  This is actually a planter that looks like a coffee mug.  It is really big.  The handle is not shown in the picture.  Cute though.  We have another one like this (different design) that we got on sale.  We use it as Bear's water bowl as dog bowls are not big enough to hold the amount of water he drinks.  We improvise.  We(okay, so Warren) put goop in the bottom to seal the hole up in it as it is a planter.  Dry a few days and then Bear has a new water bowl.   Works for bear & we don't have to keep filling up the water bowl.  Plus, a nice piece to look at.  Big families seem to find practical uses for a lot of things.  I think it is because we are so used to improvising.  Bear obviously does not care what he drinks out of.  As long as it's full.

Doesn't look like it but a little going on in this picture.  I forgot what we had to eat that night but Alex did not want to eat it.  In this house, you eat waht is made.  Period.  No exceptions unless you are sick.  And not faking sick either.  We do let the kids help make the menu for the month though.  It helps.  Yana is looking out for the deer.  Our house is surrounded by woods and deer frequent our yard.  Lately, there has been a pack of about 7 deer. The kids love watching them.  They made me run down today to take a picture but I didn't catch them in time.   On the table is what appears to be a bunch of cups.  They are filled w/ seedlings of chives, onions, tomatoes, and cayenne peppers.  They start here, are transplanted to bigger pots & then in the garden they'll go.  Can't wait.  We've started many more as well.  KIds like to watch them grow & great to see happening everyday. 

More tomorrow when I'm more up to par.  have a wonderful weekend everyone.  

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