Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hodge podge of a post

Title is definitely something to be desired but my brain is tired today.  Couldn't think of  any catchy title.  Not too much going on here at Chaos Manor at the moment.  Today we find out if Yana made the soccer team.  She tried out for goalie.  There can't be too many of those you know.  Very proud of her for trying and putting herself out there at a sport she hasn't been playing too long.

We missed basketball practice last night and the kids were bummed about it.  Don't blame them.  Trouble was Warren was stuck at work late last night.   I can't take them as it is at night or when it is getting dark.  Why?  Because I have night blindness.  yes, it is very real.  Had it since college but was hoping it would slow down a bit.  Well it has progressed quite rapidly and after this past spring's incident, I don't dare drive at night ever again.  See, last spring Irina needed to be picked up from a friend's house.  I said "I'll go get her."  Warren, said "Are you sure?  It's getting dark."  "yes, I'll be fine, it's not quite dark yet."  I went out the door to go get Irina.  Picked her up and it was pitch black by the time we were supposed to come back.  Driving out of the subdivision, I almost hit a father/ daughter walking their dog.  For the life of me, I could not see them.  After that, have not been behind the wheel at night ever since.  I can not risk someone else's life b/c I can not see at night.  My perception is totally off, the lights are blinding to me and I can't see things like people.  My optometrist said good idea.  Now, in summer it's fine.  Stays light out late.  My kids know this.  They know mom can not see at night and it can't be fixed by glasses.  Fortunately, most activities are during the day.  Helps immensely.  But, basketball was not.  They do have games this weekend and we'll be there.  Wish I could drive at night but just not risking it.  Optometrist said this is not uncommon but can't do anything about it.  Just as my kids have to learn to live w/ some of their issues, so do I.

Now, this past weekend we actually did a little shopping.  A rarity here.  But, this was more for essentials than anything else.  Though, the kids were able to spend any leftover money they had from Christmas/ birthdays.  Some of mine have given their money to charity for Dribbling for Drew at basketball.  So they had a little less to spend but they did not mind at all.  Very proud of them to understand the power of giving at such a young age.  Despite all they did w/out all those years at the orphanages, they are still willing to give so much.  Anyhow, here are some pics from this past weekend's excursions. 


This is Max.  We let him have his birthday money early to add to some of his other money he's earned.  With part of it, he bought this watch.  He was so proud of it.  Can you tell?  He's trying to act "tough"in the picture but I see a hint of a smile.  Remember, capture the teen pic when you can.  I told Max the watch is as big as his arm.  He didn't care.  He liked this one.   Going to keep Alex away from it I hope.  See, Alex has gone around and cut everyone's watches.  Don't ask.  RADishes and FASers do some crazy things sometimes that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  Alex does this to watches and shoe laces.  Max has a hiding place from his brother so that should help.  Max still has some money leftover that he wants to save.  Fine w/ me.  Most of my kids tend to buy more practical things.  Well, except for Bojan.  But, as we've told all our kids, it is your money, spend or give it how you see fit.  And like I said, most have given to the cause at church.  Bojan has given too.  Bojan spent the rest of his on a Wii game.  Not the most practical but hey, he had fun w/ it.  And, he's sharing the game.  So, I can't complain. 

What do you know!?  More shots w/ things on the floor.  One day folks, that floor will have nothing on it.  Guess I have to wait till the kids are out of the house for that one , huh?  This is Alyona w/ pajamas on and her sister's high boots.  She's sitting on a desk that my friend Jamie gave us.  Very grateful for the desk.  Since I watch 2 young children now part time, this gives them another place to color and play.  Even has a light.  It is now upstairs and not in the middle of the kitchen.  The mat to the right is for next fall.  We buy everything off season as to save money.  This past weekend, we went to the 75% off sale at CVS for Valentine's Day stuff. I bought all V-day cards for next year and all the toys that come w/ it for their classmates.  New pair of slippers for one of the girls and some gift bags.  Had a $10 off coupon from doing a survey so that made the shop even more worth it.  Bought plates and napkins so am set for all the kids' parties next Christmas and Valentine's Day.  Even surprised the kids w/ a box of Reeces peanut butter cups.  All in all, not a bad deal for all of it.  Could resist something.  Even bought Little Bit and Cutie Pie a stuffed animal for us to take w/ us when we see them.  Sometimes as an adoptive parent to be, you have to do that type of stuff.  You just do.  I did this kind of thing w/ all my other kids coming home.  Oh, I bet Alex would like that or Bojan would get a kick out of those pajamas.  Found myself doing that this past weekend.  Some of you may think it crazy to buy for kids that aren't even home, but I find it comforting.  Just means to me that I'm thinking about them.  

We also got some of the kids haircuts this weekend.  Here are Yana, Alex and Alyona showing off their new styles.  Usually, Warren cuts Max & Bojan's hair.  This time, he let the hairstylist cut Max's b/c Max had let his mohawk grow out.  Nik had gotten his haircut not too long ago as well as Irina.  I need mine cut but I told myself I'd wait till I had officially lost 10 lbs before getting my haircut.  Just gives me a little more incentive.  

This is Bojan, Max and Alyona.  Okay, Alyona had gotten her haircut and looks like someone from a movie.  Have any of you ever seen the newer version of Yours, Mine & Ours w/ Dennis Quaid?  Alyona is the look alike for Ms. Munyon w/ her new haircut!  It is uncanny for sure.  Max was carrying Alyona around the house and Alyona was screaming "give him the chair!"  It was a seen played out in the movie.  We were all cracking up.  
It was a long day that weekend we took them all shopping.  We were originally looking for Bojan new shoes but never found any.  Still looking.  Poor kid has his shoes super glued together.  But, can't help it.  Tried to find some and can't.  He has to have boots due to his clubfoot.  Has to be sturdy.  The only ones that ever seem to work for him are timberlands.  We've been to Shoe Carnival, Shoe Show, Playless, Rackroom, Kohls, Target, Walmart and I forget where all else.  Nothing.  And he needs to try stuff on.  We have an outlet center in Smithfield we're trying this weekend.  

I swear people are going to start to talk if they haven't already.  Kid has a broken leg(prosthetic is really broken..parts on order), shoes are superglued together, bookbag is too small(he likes it this way), and never has a matching pair of socks.  Yep, that's my kid.  All of mine are works in progress I say.  Sometimes I hate going to the school and seeing the very well matched, well groomed kids.  My kids are clean...most of the time.  I do make them get a bath every night.  Or try to. Yet, I let them make their own choices.  They can pick out what they want to wear to school.  If it is inappropriate(like sleeveless in the dead of winter w/ flipflops) then of course they have to change.  But, they are indeed allowed to pick out their own clothes and have their own sense of style.  Nik is more of a "prep."  He loves to wear pants and sweaters to school.  Alex is all about sports shirts ans sweats.  Bojan loves wearing polo type shirts for whatever reason.  Max is a jeans and t-shirt kind of kid.  Sweatshirt in the winter.  Irina is my conservative one.  Very modest in the way she dresses.  Likes to show no skin(fine w/ me!).  Alyona used to be our girlie girl and wear dresses all the time.  Still a girlie girl but more into pants now.  Yana tries to test the limits and see if she can practically paint on the pants.  Yes, quite a few have gone into the trash can right before school.  Not allowed in this house.  Though I go to the schools and see stuff that I feel should be more in a bar than a school.  Crazy.  In our house we have rules regarding the clothes.  No pants off the butt.  Can't stand that.  Nothing dragging on the ground.  Nothing too small or tight.  Other than that, I let them have at it regarding their own sense of style.  My kids play rough and play hard.  They get holes in their pants.  It happens.  I don't worry about it.  I really have learned over the years not to worry so much about what others think about our kids.  We just need to know they are healthy, happy and clean(again, most of the time--LOL).  Yet sometimes, when I see the kids at school all fancied up in their best clothes, I wonder, how would my kids look if I picked everything out for them?  Would they be any better for it?  Would I?  Would anyone even notice?  Frankly, I really don't care.  I don't mind going to school and having lunch w/ them and seeing that Nik forgot to wear socks that morning(we're progressing...he used to never wear underwear).  Or that Bojan's shoe is still untied.  Or that Alex is already dirty from playing soccer on the playground.  Most of the time you'll drive by my house and see one of them outside in pajamas trying to play soccer before I've had the chance to call them in Saturday morning.  My kids are being kids.  I won't apologize for the way they look or if they are not spic and span clean.  I will say we do manage to get one pretty, cleaned up picture at Christmas time though.  My kids climb trees, play in the woods, make bow & arrows out of scrap tree limbs, explore, dig in the sandbox, and just about anything else you can come up with.  They might not be the most pristine bunch in school but I can assure you they are very healthy and active kids who are living out their childhood the way they should be...frogs out of the pockets & leaves in the hair. 

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