Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happenings around the house

Thought I'd do a few more picture updates & what's happening here.  Some great things, some not so great things.  Teens are testing in particuliar... so having to lay down the law.   Never fun as a parent but definitely necessary at times.  So, if you don't see 7 happy faces in pictures for a few weeks, you'll understand why.  So, a few more pictures are below. 


The other day we were getting ready to go to basketball practice and Alex comes into me and said Max tied up Alyona and Nik.  I go outside and this is what I find.  Alyona is not happy.  Nik will smile at everything.  Max untied them and then some of kids decided to mess around further w/ the rope:

I swear my kids could have fun in a desert w/ a cactus and sand.  They find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves.  Great usually but not when we really need to get going to practice.

This is Yana practicing for soccer tryouts.  Max decided to coach her as she is limited in her knowledge of soccer.  I thought that was very nice of Max to do.  He volunteered to help his sister learn so that she could try out.  We wish her the best of luck.  Thirty some people are trying out and only 18 can make it.  Either way, committing to do something and following through is invaluable lesson in life.  Let you know how it turns out.

Don't know if some of you remember or not, but Max is our resident artist.  He drew this mural on a friend's wall.  It is obviously not done yet but had to get a picture if it started.  It is all penciled in right now and there is an astronaut there as well.  Can't see the pencil drawing.  Anyhow, figured you might want to see the start of the drawing.  I will show the finished product once done.  He has already told me painting is harder than sketching.  

Grades in school.  Phenominal this go around!!!  Real actual progress being made.  Progress reports were outstanding.  Language Arts, Irina had almost all 100's thus far.  Even for her project.  Yana made a 100, 95, and 85 in her core courses.  She's well on her way to getting out of self-contained such as Max did earlier this semester.  Max is doing great is what his teacher told me on the phone.  Doing the work and keeping up.  She said he's struggling in math but we all knew that would happen going in.  It is by far his weakest subject.  He's working on it though.  Alyona is starting to read.  Wahoo!!!  Sight words but she's working on it.  Bojan is doing beyond excellent.  Very proud of all my kids and their school work.  Hope it continues.  Alex is having a hard time academically in math.  He's like Max in that area.  It is something we're working on though for sure.  I have a parent -teacher conference tomorrow w/ Yana's teacher.  Had an IEP meeting for Alyona last week.  It's that time of year.  Those are some minor updates.  Some waiting chidlren updates coming soon for sure.  Lots of great kids available.  Awesome kids and VERY deserving of a home.  Can't wait to tell you about some of them.  Some, you've heard of before.  Some, may be new.  Promise the last of the deaf posts iscoming up.  Just been a really, really busy week for me.  Tomorrow, I should be able to catch up for hte most part.  Enjoy the evening. 

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