Friday, February 26, 2010

Flabulous to Fabulous Friday-- & pics

Okay, haven't done a Flabulous to Fabulous post in ages.  It's guilt.  I'll be honest.  I haven't worked out in about 2 weeks.  I injured my knee first.  That got better.  Then, couldn't move my neck or back for a few days.  Then, horrible, horrible sinus headache for about 5 days.  I'm finally feeling decent & will attempt a workout  tonight as well as weights.  Sad to say, I have not lost any further in the last two weeks for obvious reasons.  On the bright side, NO weight gain & that is always, always a good thing.  So, next week I expect to report to you some major weight loss news.  Can't wait.  And, w/ a possible major snowstorm headed our way, should be easy... sledding & making snowmen.  Next Friday, I should have some great weight loss news.  I could not stand not working out these past two weeks so that is also an awesome sign b/c it actually means I'm into this for the long haul.

It has been a really, really long week.  Really long.  An FAS type of week.  Not going to lie on here.  Some weeks are much better than others.  Maybe it was b/c I was sick as a dog w/ a headache, I don't know. Thursday night was another crazy one.  I watched the kids all day (my job now) and made turkey.  You would think a great turkey w/ stuffing in the oven would be nice after a long day.  Made the homemade mashed potatoes and thought great, time to take out the turkey & everyone eat.  Open the door to a pretty white looking turkey still wondering where on earth that golden brown color is.  And why on earth is the oven not hot.  (insert screaming voice here..) A-L-E-X!!!  And the reply "It's not me mom!"  I didn't do it this time.  He is famous infamous in this house for setting the timer on the stove to read while simultaneously turning off the oven.  We've had many a meals ruined this way.  Turkey delayed.  Here kids, have stuffing, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  Turkey, well, it will be done sometime tonight.  Again, this kind of thing is normal here at Chaos Manor.  It really is.

Some pictures will follow.  Nothing exciting, just everyday stuff here.


We ordered Papa John's pizza the other night.  They had a special and honestly, we just needed a pizza night w/ the way things were happening here.  Well, these pizzas come w/ a hot pepper on the side.  There were 3 peppers & Yana, Max & Bojan dared each other to eat them w/ no water.  Yana is realizing in this picture it was probably a stupid idea.  This turns into a big competition in our home every time we order pizza.  I am NOT daring enough for this event.  

Two of my girls.  Irina and Alyona goofing around.  Yes, it is the middle of winter here in NC and Alyona is wearing sleeveless shirts.  My Siberian Princesses do not care one bit.  Neighbors must think my kids are nuts but they really just don't care how cold it gets here as it was always colder in Russia.  Shoot, Alyona lived on permafrost above the Artic Circle.  She should know cold and NC just does not get that cold.  Dog gone it.  At first I had really thought there was nothing on the floor in this picture.  But alas, 2 video games on the floor.  Oh well, maybe next picture.  One of these days I'll get a shot w/ nothing on the floor.  


Okay, stupid picture #25.  LOL.  However, there is a story here.  Alright, we've had this refridgerator for years.  Bought it brand new off ebay from a scratch & dent guy.  Great fridge.  In the beginning, we were able to get crushed or cubed ice.  Nice.  One day the ice maker broke & would only give crushed ice no matter how many times you pushed that stupid button.  It frustrates everyone here b/c if the kids push the crushed ice, they get ice all over the floor & it is all wet then.  Just a little pet peeve annoyance more than anything.  Well, we were gone the other day and Irina(you know, the one in our family obsessed w/ a clean kitchen), decided since the kitchen was clean, she'd tackle the fridges inside and out.  Irina decided to clean out the ice maker.  An aah-haa moment happened.  Why on earth not one single one of us ever thought to clean the icemaker out or check it is beyond me.  Sure enough, the path to the cubed ice was blocked.  Mind you, it's been blocked for years.  Irina unblocked it and deep cleaned it.  So, now we have an option of cubed or crushed ice and you'd think we'd hit the jackpot here.  It is hilarious b/c now everyone wants cubed ice.  


This is Max.  Our in-house handyman.  He is putting together a new favorite item around this house now.  It is called a Shark Steam mop.  We all LOVE it.  It really does get stuff up using steam.  No harsh chemicals.  Comes with reusable mopheads as well.  Doesn't seem like anything fancy but it really is awesome.  You do have to go very slow w/ it though.  My kids were all actually fighting over mopping the floor.  It has been used quite a bit lately and that is just fine w/ me.  
Nothing much else going on here.  Warren and I just got back from CVS.  The pharmacy is great about finding meds when we have antipsychotics that need refilling and they are out.  That is what happened tonight.  Had to drive to the other side of town but it is better than the alternative...a psychotic breakdown.  Can't complain about the CVS.  They've been good to us.  Anyhow, Warren told the kids before we left that if they were good we would bring them back a suprise.  Yes, bribery indeed.  What could go wrong?  We always try to give the kids a chance to show they are old enough for us to be gone for 15 to 20 minutes.  Well, maybe next time.  Irina lit a candle.  Nothing on fire...but her face.  She said she leaned over to smell the candle and burned her lip.  URGHH.  Who smells the candles why they are lit?  Apparently, my daughter does.  She's fine, barely notice it.  Yes, she is 17.  It is much better than the time we came home from our walk & found the dog chair & Nik covered in Elmer's glue.  

Tomorrow is basketball game.  Pictures too w/ it.  We'll be there for awhile.  Had wanted to go shopping afterwards but Warren has to work tomorrow evening.  No biggie.  I'm sure we'll find stuff to do.  Have a great weekend everyone.  More to update.  Received the dossier kit today.  Compared to Russia, this looks like a cakewalk--LOL.  I know it's not, but the comparison of paperwork is very interesting.  Can't wait to start on it.  That is for next week though.  Have a great weekend. 

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