Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cabin fever, complications, and courage

Hope you all have enjoyed the snow pictures of the last few days.  It was really a great time we had.  I will have more pictures from Sunday sometime later.  Right now, trying to occupy 7 kids during a cold, wet rain.  Outside play is done, cocoa has been drank, and crafts are over.  Trying now to ride it out and survive--LOL.  I know some of you other parents out there have children with special needs and understand what it is like whenever they get out of routine.  Crazy is an understatement.  My son was so bored last night, he read 200 pages of the Bible.  Not kidding.  Did he learn anything?  Apparently not as he's been fighting with his sister all morning.  Basketball practice was canceled last night and we still can't leave our driveway.  We're surviving though and that's what counts.  We are all feeling the effects of cabin fever for sure. 

Complications.  Geez.  Okay, Bulgaria needs our documents like yesterday.  I wrote about all this in a previous post.  I filled them out.  We were supposed to scan them in last night...and here come the complications.  Computer trouble w/ all the hookups here.  Remember, our computer crashed in December and we really do need a new one.  Warren tried to rig something up again this morning but it did not work.  He is hoping to come home today and work some miracle on this antiquated machine.  We'll see.  If so, all should be okay for the IAC meeting this coming Friday.  Please send some good vibes, thoughts and prayers our way that these children will indeed remain ours.  I should not be worried as I have faith in this whole process.  As a parent though, you can't help but to worry for your kids.  That's just how we are as parents.  And of course, you need tons of courage to go through all this stuff.  You really do.  You never know what to expect from day to day or document to document.  You put on a brave face and go from there.  I must admit, I'm definitely more outspoken than our first two adoptions.  Not afraid to speak my mind on something.  On days when you want to cry, you muster up courage to go on and continue with this process knowing the ends justifies the means.  Knowing in your heart, the children belong with you and you with them. 

Still working on some papers and most of all fundraising.  A full post on that later.  I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to see much more action on the adoption front.  In the beginning, I know most of it is all talk.  Okay, talking is done and action is starting.  Pens are working on overtime with all the signatures we've needed.  And it is only the beginning.  Paperwork continues when you get home too.  Crazy stuff.  Alright, cabin fever & I have to go tend to them.  Enjoy your day and writing a bunch of stuff tonight.  Hopefully, some thought provoking posts soon.   

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