Friday, February 5, 2010

Brief update

Okay, it's been a weird week.  Many have responded to the reverse hosting program and I am SO excited about that!  Maybe a few more kiddos will find some homes.  Waiting on getting passports back here & it is causing some problems & delays w/ the docs that need passport #'s on them.  Who do you think will be faster?  The FBI or Secretary of State?  Speed in the government sector has never been top priority.  LOL.  Waiting for adoptive parents is excruciating.  It really is.  You are just ready to go from day one but just can't get on that stupid plane any time soon.  Patience...I'm still learning.  Yes, after 7 adoptions, I'm still learning. 

I have to be honest w/ everyone.  This week w/ the kids has been one of those that has questioned my own reasoning for wanting more.  I know everyone has those weeks and we are no exceptions.  Some of my phrases this week that I can recall "give your brother his leg back!"  Don't make your brother laugh, he's throwing up!"  "Don't play w/ the lighter!"  "Get the train out of the flour!"  Yes, dog gone it, you HAVE to go to school on Saturday.  Don't ask me again or I'm going to send you on Sunday too!"  Yes, those were just a few of the phrases that came out of my mouth.  Just has been one of those weeks.  Glad it's almost over and we can start fresh.  My camera doesn't have batteries but will tomorrow. Get ready for some Upwards pictures.  Going to be fun.  Girls have been caddy to each other all week long.  Why?  I really couldn't tell you.  Today, they were hugging each other.  URGHH.  Drives me insane.  Now, tonight, after Warren & I had an interrogation w/ the teens(about some stupid soda..don't ask), we went to Walmart w/ Nik.  This way, they can't blame anything & everything on the deaf one.  Yes, they do that.  Now though, Nik holds his own & will sign to us what happened.  Smart cookie.  Anyhow, we leave for Walmart & decided to get Nik a new pair of glasses while there. He picked them out himslef.  They had frames on sale for $9.  Really, you can't beat that.  $79 total and they are great here about replaceing and fixing constant things broken from our FASers.  No lie.  The reason we went there was b/c Alex broke Nik's glasses on the bus.  We have no proof but know he did it.  Nik told us Alex broke them and Bojan pointed out holes in Alex's story.  Alex's is grounded for something else so this just tacks on time.  Anyway, we go a couple times a month.  No questions.  They are always gracious about it.  Helps that the doctor knows us and lives in our neighborhood.  Did a little shopping for odds & ends.  For those who don't live w/ FAS kids, they can be unpredictable.  We have stuff broken intentionally and unintentionally in this house every single week.  One of the things broken this week was our smoke alarm.  We have 3.  We need all of them and one day I'll tell you why.  Max broke it this week when it malfunctioned and wouldn't stop beeping.  So, he beat it off the ceiling to get it to quit.  My instructions were to make it stop.  I assumed he found a better way.  Umm, no.  Hitting it worked.  New smoke almarm and my other items in hand, we headed out in the pouring rain.  Went home and the kids had pulled together for the first time this week mind you, and did all homewokr, bathed, made lunches tomorrow, and got ready for bed.  They even cleaned up the house.  Maybe everything they've done this week caught up to them.  I don't know.  Just was happy they did it. I will have some more picutres up tomorrow and some happenings around here.  It's not all bad this week.  I guess we all have to have one of those weeks to appreciate the ohter 51 weeks of the year.  Much to tell later.  I will get to it tomorrow evening.  Sunday, we have to make 2 Valentines' Day mailboxes, write over 100 valentines' day cards, do 1 career project, 1 West Africa project, 1 100 days of school project & 1 other project I can't remember.  Tomorrow it is rrands all day and then Upwards until about 8pm tomorrow night.  I think I'm tired already.  I did not get to workout hardly at all this week.  Apparently, I injured myself sledding.  Re-injured myself by doing cardio wokrout on Tuesday.  Going to attempt to exercise tomorrow.  Let you know how it goes.  Miss it which is a good sign.  Enjoy your weekend everyone. Pictures tomorrow and more things to come.  Good night.

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