Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another day, another dollar...NOT!!!

Been at basketball all day & foregoing the bonfire party that we REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to tonight.  Honestly, we're beat & afraid we'll get stuck in the mud.  Hoping to reschedule w/ Mary and her family for another night.  We let the kids stay up very late last night and everyone is just tired.  I'll make this quick b/c I want to post the last of Nik's Deafness Post.  Pictures forthcoming for tomorrow's post. 

Alright, here goes.  Trying to keep my tongue from bleeding so much from biting it so dog gone hard right now!  URGHH.  We filed our taxes just like every other American in this country(well...most of them anyhow).  Did it early.  Not so much b/c we wanted the refund but more so b/c we know the State of North Carolina is somewhat broke.  They delayed refunds last year though we missed that delay...barely.  So, did the taxes right away.  Got the federal return back...hooray.  Got a letter from the state today.  If I could spit fire I would.  It is NOT b/c the refund will be late.  I already knew that going in.  This is b/c we have to PROVE that our children belong to US.  They are ONLY doing this with big families as far as I'm aware.  Been told it is for people w/ 5 or more kids.  I guess there are people that lie.  But shoot, have one of their representatives come over to babysit and I can assure you they will say we are definitely not lying and that these children literally do exist in this house!  Here is the list of documents that we have to provide for every single child:

A copy of our federal income tax return.

Statement indicating the physical address of all dependents claimed on your tax return.

Statement indicating your relationship to dependents claimed on your tax return.

Birth certs of all dependents.

Copy of SS card for us and ALL dependents claimed on our tax return.

Now, I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to most but there are 7 of them w/ foreign birth certs.  We never re-adopted them here in the state of NC.  You are NOT legally required to do so.  Have never had a problem w/ anything in regards to re-adoption.  I have a feeling though, NC may give us a hard time about the foreign birth cert if it is for the purpose of paying out a tax refund--LOL.  Another problem may be that IRina and Max's social security card needs to be changed out.  It says valid for work only as if they are US aliens.  That is NOT the case but is a "process" to make correct.  We are going to be working on that process obviously.  In fact, part of the money from said refund is going for this this year.  URGHH.  I don't know what is going to happen but not having a fuzzy feeling that this will actually work the way it is suppose to.  We aren't lying.  There are 7 children here, all special needs, all dependent upon us as providers.  That is fact plain and simple.  Sould interesting for sure to see how this all plays out.  Hold on, we're in for a roller coaster ride!  Now you all see how adoption is part of your life forever, not just in court.  IRina and Max have been home over 10 years now.  And they are still questioning whether we have these children?!  Geez.  Wish us luck.  Write more later.  Tomorrow, some new pictures.  Some suprises...stay tuned for more.

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