Monday, February 8, 2010

Alyona-- an orthodontic visit... not what you think

I will write a post later about Nik I think.  And finish our Upwards Games post as well.  For now though, it is Alyona on the mind.  I can not fix the past of my children.  I can not fix what was done to them by the alcohol consumed by their birthmother during pregnancy.  We live in a country here where we understand the potential risks of what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can do.  It is the ONLY 100% preventable birth defect.  The only one.  Yet, 6 of my children suffer from this syndrome and many of the birth defects that may come with it.  I wish I could fix it, but I can't.  All I can do as a parent is help them to heal and treat them medically if need be.  Today, that is what we did. 

Warren and I took Alyona to a maxiofacial surgeon to check on her upside down tooth.  It is growing upside down, root & all.  It is actually right under her sinus cavities.  Risk of puncturing that would be high.  Our regular dentist discovered this years ago.  He had consulted w/ many other dentist around the country.  Not just in this area.  Anyhow, we went to the orthodontist and then today to the surgeon.  He took a 3-D x-ray of her mouth & head.  Pretty neat.  Wished I had taken the camera.  alyona was so cute b/c the x-ray vest weighed as much as she did almost!  She kept saying it's heavy.  Was  a real trooper.  This contraption is interesting for sure.  Gave the doc a great view of her tooth.  She wasn't in any pain on this visit at all so that was nice.  This guy is going to consult back w/ our orthodontist & dentist but we all feel there is no way to save the permanent tooth.  We knew that going into this.  She will need surgery & we just need to decide when to do it.  Alyona has begged us not to have surgery again.  Remember, she had a very bad botched surgery job on her arm.  All her issues combined make surgery sometimes a little more risky.  I think this one will be fine.  He said plan on being there 2 hours.  Surgeon already wrote the script for the antibiotics. 

One thing I can't help but think, was this the result of the alcohol?  We'll never know.  I do know our dentist said she was  very close to having a cleft palate.  That can also be a result of FAS believe it or not.  Sometimes, these things just happen in people.  Sometimes though, in the case of FAS, they are the result of negligence.  But the little girl has had just so, so many things happen, I wished she didn't have to go through it at all.  Alyona always seems so much more fragile than any of our other kids in surgery.  Shoot, Bojan is usually trying to walk on the stupid casts the day after surgery.  Nik wasn't too bothered by his implant surgery either.  For Alyona though, I feel for her.  She is one tough cookie.  Just wish she didn't have to be so tough all the time.  Good news is, we can fix this.  So, I'll let you know when her surgery is so you can send good vibes, thoughts and prayers her way. 

Now, I will finish the Saturday post.  Then, move onto yesterday.  I am falling way behind here.  CAtching up this week for sure.  We had many responders on the reverse hosting program and can't wait to hear about the trip.  Please look a couple posts back for more information.  Busy week this week.  I have Alyona's IEP meeting today.  This is for school services.  She is in a special needs class.  She is doing well & this should be a relatively "easy" meeting.  Other special ed parents known exactly what I mean by that.  More to come. 

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