Monday, January 18, 2010

Yep, it's a Monday

I know I haven't wrote anything since Friday.  Sometimes, life just happens here.  It was my birthday Saturday so we just kept things mellow here.  We have not bought any Christmas presents, anniversary or birthday gifts for each other.  Our children coming home we see as a much better gift so any penny that would have been spent on each other, goes towards the adoption fund.  However, Warren did find ways to break the rules this weekend.  He took just Irina with him to grab a few things at the store and came back with these for me:

Beatiful flowers being held by a beautiful girl.  Warren knows I LOVE color!  Especially, spring flowers.  Don't ever get me roses and he knows this.  After working a few years in a florist shop, you never want to see another rose again--LOL.  Valentine's day and Mothers' Day were nightmares for roses.  So, I began to dispise them.  These are perfect and sit in a vase on the dining room table for all to see.

And cheesecake!  I rarely make cheesecake so Warren & Irina decided this would be awesome for an after dinner treat on Saturday.  The kids love the option of picking their favorite piece though I think there is no way you could go wrong here.  All were just as good as they look.  Nik demanded I put a candle in the cake or it wasn't my birthday.  Fine.

Nik had speech therapy in the morning and therapist(Carol...she's the best!) could definitely tell a difference in him.  She hadn't seen him for weeks.  So nice to have others notice progress in him.  Though he will always be deaf(deafness does not go away), it would be nice if he'd be able to "talk" some too.  It's highly unlikely but we are giving it a shot for sure.  He's preferred method of communication is sign and that is what we stick with here.  Irina had a checkup this weekend as well.  No problems.  We'll do bloodwork sometime this week but expect nothing wrong w/that either.  She got 3 shots on Saturday and is still sore.  So, the entire family has had checkups, deemed healthy, and caught up on immunizations.  Yeh, medical stuff for homestudy done.  Excited about that.  That and the fact that everyone is healthy.  We are extremely fortunate that we have healthy children and have not had problems as some other families.  Our kids do see specialists for a variety of things,but overall, very healthy indeed.  After we came home, we watched League of Extrodinary Gentlemen.  We had never seen that movie before.  We all enjoyed it.  Different a bit.  Kids played w/ their friends and I worked outside some.  We had a relaxing day and then were able to enjoy this for dinner:

Turkey, it's not just for Thanksgiving when you have a big family.  LOL.  We are able to find great deals on turkey throughout the year and fortunate enough to have a big freezer in the garage.  Plus, having everyone in the family like turkey helps.  Just a nice relaxing day for us on my birthday.

Warren did attempt to send of the fingerprints.  Ahh, nothing can go easy.  The post office here does not have the "official" security stamp for what we needed to do.  She said the other place closed already that we could do this at.  So, first thing tomorrow, since today's a holiday, we will make our second attempt to send our packet off to the FBI.  Hoping to be able to mail that with the homestudy packet.  We are still way off our mark but confident funds will find a way.  Since it poured down rain yesterday, we're going out tonight to do some more fundraising by selling flower bulbs.  With the weather this beautiful, I'm ready to buy some.  You know me and flowers.  Flowers brighten up any dreary day.  So, please do keep passing our blog address along, magazine link too.  We have now set up a paypal button as we were asked that quite often.  I'm going to speak with Chick Filet probably tomorrow and find out about a possible fundraiser night there.

Nothing too much on tap for January except for the Upwards Basketball season.  Oh, and a wonderful bonfire we go to every year at a friend's farm.  They have all kinds of animals and great place for everyone to run around.  My kids have spent time at Mary's farm and they love it.  I think their website is  . Fun place to go.  2 of her children used to be in the same orphanage with Alex and Yana.  They all came here on a hosting program and we went through the adoption process together.  Great to see the changes in all the kids through the years.  I haven't told the kids yet we are going b/c it is on Jan. 30th.  If you tell our kids too early, it is a mess.  FAS children have no concept of time.  They really just don't understand it too well.  So, we usually tell them a day or two before.  Works for us and here the motto is "you do what works."

Sunday, we just cleaned up a bit and took it easy.  This was the first weekend in a long time where we could just veg out.  So, that's what we did.  See:

I'd say Irina has the hang of vegging out.  Looks comfy to me.  It's pretty hard to capture a picture of your teenager.  You know, "mom, don't take a picture!" comes out of their mouths far too often. So, when I get a chance to take a picture, I do it.  The bonus was getting a smile too.

Oh, the things sisters can convince their brothers to do.  Geez.  Okay, Alyona loves to play baby dolls.  She somehow managed to convince Nik to play with her.  And even got him to wear a pink kimono.  LOL.  But, Nik went right along with it.  I think Nik is going to make an awesome big brother for his new sisters, what do you think?

I for one like an uneventful weekend every once in awhile.  So far this morning, it has not been quiet.  Yana has been feeling a bit under the weather, smoke alarm wouldn't quit going off so we had to dismantle it and Alex was being a terror.  So, I did enjoy the quiet while it lasted.  Maybe it was bad parenting to just veg out all weekend with the kids, nothing planned.  If so, don't care.  We did enjoy it.  Though I must say, we had no idea Nik hadn't taken a bath for a few days.  Horrible to admit but said I'd be honest when writing.  Seriously, none of us thought about it.  We all thought he had.  Umm, nope.  Younger kids always get a bath at night.  Easier for school that way.  So, Nik had a bath Thursday night. bath.  Saturday, we realized he didn't get his bath the day before.  By this time, too late for a bath.  First thing Sunday the tub.  I now have 7 clean children and will be more vigilent.  However, it was just great to have a very, very lazy weekned for everyone all around.  I think every once in awhile, we need to break from everything and just hang out together.  No events, no school functions, no friend sleepovers, just hanging out at home watching movies and eating popcorn.  For us, it is great to be a bad parent every once in awhile.  No schedules, no rushing, no thinking required.  Just some stupid jokes and ideas coming from the kids.   Got to go.  Yana is doing Alyona's hair.  I know, miracle.  Irina is going to spend the night at a friend's tonight.  High schoolers here dont' have school due to exams.  Bojan gets fitted for his new AFO(ankle-foot orthotic...hate these stupid things!) this Friday.  Once he has it on for a month, then they will recheck and do surgery again.  He is missing his right leg and wears a prosthetic and then on the left is a severe clubfoot that has given us tons of trouble.  Bojan hates it and I hate it for him.  Bojan has even requested that foot be amputated.  That is always a last resort but can see that as being a huge possibility in the future.  Time will tell.  Other than that, I can simply concentrate on fundraising.  Kids are out of school today, Thursday and Friday.  Got to get moving here.  Enjoy your week and keep you posted on progress.  I want this homestudy to go out tomorrow.  I really, really do.  Thanks once again for all the generous support but emotionally and financially.  It really does mean a lot to our family.  I'll write another post later about picking an agency.

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