Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's in a name??

Thought I'd do a post on choosing your childrens' names as that is what we are trying to do now.  Once our family decides on a child, we choose a name.  Gives them meaning, makes it feel more real.  Plus, no last minute stuff.  We have always tried to keep our childrens' names if at all possible.  For some it is and for some it just is not American enough.  Kids can be cruel in school.  We knew Murat was not going to fly here.  Max has thanked us for giving him a new name several times.  Many have asked how we come up with our childrens' names.  Especially, the girls.  So, thought I'd tell you.  Here goes. 

Irina and Max were our first two home.  They are from Russia.  So, for Irina, we kept her name and decided on Taylor as a middle name.  No rhyme or reason for it,just liked the flow of it.  Okay, this may sound stupid but we always yell the name as if we were yelling for our child.  You want it to flow right.  Now, Max used to be Murat.  Just didn't think it would fit in well here in our culture.  Nothing wrong with the name, just didn't like it for our son.  Wanted at least the same sound so that he could get used to it easier.  Well, that's how we got Max.  Now, we pondered forever to think of a middle name for him and just couldn't do it.  Blank.  Well, we were watching MIB(the movie) one night & thought those should be his initials.  Hence, Maxwell Ian was born.  Those were our first two kids and how we got their names. 

Next two home were Yana and Alex.  Well, since we hosted them, we were used to calling them by their names.  So, Yana became Yana Nicole.  Alex in Russia was Alexandr.  They called him Sasha though.  Nickname.  Well, that would not fly in America as it is a girl's name here. We kept his birthname...Alexander and just call him Alex.  Once again, we were stuck on a middle name for him.  And again, we found ourselves watching tv.  Bad, I know.  We watch survivor almost every season.  It's a reality show.  Well, there was this one contestant named Rupert(no, that is NOT what we named him--LOL).  He was on the strong tribe and really the tribe was go-getters.  We knew Alex was a strong-willed child and thought the tribe name would work.  Hence, Alexander Drake was born. 

Next one home was Bojan.  In Serbia though, they pronounce his name almost like those soup cubes.  It sounded like a girls name.  So, we took off the a at the end of his name and he became Bojan.  Again, middle name.  We wanted a family name sowent w/ my maiden name...Spencer.  Well, while on the airplane, we knew we had a problem.  We could not call him Bojan Spencer as that would be cruel to a kid.  We didn't want him known as B.S. Boyd.  So, had to reverse the names for that reason.  He is Spencer Bojan but we call him Bojan.  See, really, there is no rhyme or reason as to how we name our kids.  We want their original names and have kept 6 of the 7 original names.  Once finished, we will have kept 7 of our 10 kids original names.  I like that.  since there is no right or wrong way to name internationally adopted children, I like it. 

Last two children adopted were Alyona and Nik.  Now, funny story a bit.  We wanted to keep their names.  A rarity we were told by our Russian coordinator that Nik was his actual birth certificate name.  No Nikolas or anything like that.  Well, on our first trip, we knew we would keep their original birthnames but did not have a middle name picked out. Thought we could do that on the second trip...wrong!  Had to think of names that evening for paperwork.  We're in our hotel room just randomly throwing around names.  Alyona almost became Alyona Altoid as my wonderful husband was spitting out names.  We laughed about that one.  Somehow, don't even remember how, came up with Alyona Jade and it stuck.  I think we were naming gemstones at the moment.  Nik, we were thinking of family names and just rolling them off.  Well, my uncle is Russian Orthodox and his name seem to fit well w/ Nik.  So,Nik became Nik Allen. 

I don't know what the new 3 will be.  Well, I know what the girl's first names will be.  I'll let  you all know once we officially decide on names.  It may be awhile as we're flip flopping a bunch.  We let the kids help think of names as well.  Umm, they've come up with some interesting ones, that's for sure.  Naming your children is fun.  Stressful at times as well though because as a parent, you tend to over think it sometimes.  I know we have.  We think our kids' names fit them perfectly.  At least the ones at home right now.  You know as a parent your name is with you for the rest of your life.  You want your children not to be made fun of due to their name.  You also want something easy.  I remember growing up I hated the name Stephanie b/c I thought it was too long.  Yet, I am fine with my name.  A name identifies who you are.  I like the fact that I was able to keep most of my kids' names as part of their heritage and culture.  I want them to be proud of where they are from.  It is a part of who they are, as is their name.  That is a long-winded answer of how all my kids got their names.  Now, I must watch a movie to think of some more names....just kidding.  Enjoy your evening! 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... Finally, we´re at home again too!... As we could read, you´d had a wonderful trip!!!... I´m so happy about that!!!... Talking about names... I don´t like much mine!... ´cause 1º nobody writes it as it is: with double M!. 2º shortname it´s Emma, that it´s like a girl name!... and what it´s worst: it´s the only name I have! :( But now a days I get used!...
    As a suggestion of American names I like: Kurdt (for Cobain -I know it´s not a good model or influence to the kid, but perhaps it fits!-) or Ethan and if not those "international ones" like Paul, Matthew, Peter (I really like Pedro!). I hope to gave you a little help!...
    And at least: New year´s resolution: Find a Lawer to star a Deaf-adoption process!.
    I got a lot of questions to you... Can I e-mail you privately?!... Thanks!. And thanks about DR. Oz! I appreciate that! ;)