Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Waiting Child (Harry)

Okay, it's Wednesday so you know what that means???  We get to spread the word about a deserving child in need of the love only a family can give.  This week's child is a special one at that.  This child is located in Eastern Europe and really needs a home as soon as possible.  I will honestly say I need help from ALL of you to get the word out about this precious little boy.  His life has not been easy and he has been waiting way too long for  a family.  This kid is a fighter!  Harry has a zest for life.  He did have a devastating diagnosis a few years back but has been in remission for over 4 years now.  Perfectly healthy child w/ very minimal delays.  (typical orphanage type stuff).  Oh there is so much wonderful stuff I have read about this child.  His spirit will touch you.  This little boy very recently turned 7 years old.  You will fall in live w/ the smile he has.  Fully vaccinated, no major health issues nor diseases.  Free from all communicable diseases as well.  Just a little boy who desires a family to love him.  He was given a rough early start and overcome a diagnosis that sometimes does not play fair to its patients.  This little one however, is totally healthy now and was given a clean bill of health over 4 years ago.  I can not stress enough how sweet this little boy is.  I know some of my boys were rough & tough when they got home.  I can not imagine this child being that way.  This little boy is just very gentle and sweet.  He would make a wonderful addition to a family.  Please do spread the word that a little boy in Eastern Europe really needs AND wants a family fast.  This is a country that accepts singles as well.  Travel to the country is short.  Please contact me at for more information.  Let everyone know Harry needs a home!!!  Thanks so much. 

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