Saturday, January 30, 2010

waiting for snow to arrive

Well, have some photos from last night before the storm hit.  We're all frustrated b/c it was not a whole lot of snow but there is a layer of sleet/ ice.  Soo, great sledding!!!  It has been a blast all morning long but will share that in another post.  For now, posting from last night.  Here goes:


Well, before any storm, of course you need supplies.  Kids were helping unload the car from a trip to Sam's Club.  Just those 3 items in this picture-- 10 lbs. of hamburger meat & toilet paper was $50!  Toilet paper is the one thing that there is never enough of in this house.  Drives me bonkers b/c many of my PI kids still have issues w/ using tp.  See, in some orphanages, they are too poor for toilet paper.  So, the kids come home and we have to teach them to use it.  Well, then they go to extremes and use literally a half to 3/4 a roll per use!  It's maddening for sure.  Hoping the 3 from Bulgaria don't share this commonality w/ my Russian kiddos.  LOL.  For those curious, we use a minimum of 72 rolls a month.  Can Charmin sponsor us??  So, once all was put away, it was time to just sit and wait for the snow.  


After unloading, the agreement was the kids all had to have their rooms picked up or they wouldn't be allowed to play in the snow.  Yes, I know that is called bribing but sometimes, you have to do that as a parent.  Nik stuffed this laundry basket and then attempted to carry it down the stairs.  You can see what happened here.  All smiles, of course.  He did clean it up and dragged it to the laundry room.  


Of course my kids are out in the first signs of snow.  It's like a magnet.  This is Yana.  Pajamas of course.  No jacket, no shoes.  No sleeves.  Not a bit cold either.  you can't see me behind the camera but I'm the one all bundled up.  


Alex and Nik trying to catch snowflakes with their mouth.  All of us were actually outside at about 10 o'clock at night trying to catch snowflakes in our mouth.  There is just something really magical about snow.  The softness, the purity, the different directions it goes.  Just too many things to name.  We all had a great time even if it was just the start of the snow.  It was beautiful to see at night.  You could even hear some kids in the neighborhood.  Everyone was out just catching snowflakes on their tongue.  
There will be more pictures to follow.  Right now, I have to go cook tomato soup and grilled cheese for a late lunch for the sledders.  We already had a hot cocoa snack after the long first few hours of sledding.  Yes, I was going down the hill too.  Though, I must admit, I did not go to "death hill" as the kids in the neighborhood call it.  I may attempt this afternoon.  We'll see.  I may have to go just to take a picture of it.  Alex and Nik are playing the Wii right now.  Okay, I'm back to writing on here.  House is unusually quiet.  Every single child and their friends are outside.  All sledding down the hills again.  So happy we live in a neighborhood with hills.  What fun.  More pictures shortly.  For now, going to clean up from lunch and hit the hills with my kids.  Still haven't had a good snowball fight yet.  Ahh, plenty of time for it though. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... Great pics!!!... I love snow too!... I don´t know if I told you before, but I lived almost 5 years in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina... And I used to work in a snow center: Cerro Catedral. It was great!... My best job ever!... Now there is 2 years we moved to the farm side of the country... Here does NOT snow although it´s SO cold in winter!... BUT the last year ´09 -our 2nd winter here- on the 22nd July we awaked covered by snow!... It was amazing!!!... The whole town was thrilled and locked!... There is not hills in the town, they are like 100 km south but the landscape became totally different!... -you can see the pics on my Facebook "Nieve en Cnel. Suárez"- So I can imagine a little bit what is going on there!!!... May I ask why Nick had his fingers crossed in the pics?!... He was wishing it never ends?!... So cute!...
    Kisses from here to all of you!... ENJOY THE WHITE GIFT FROM THE SKY!!!...