Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting child Wednesday!!!

I'd like to start advocating on this blog as well for some of the kids I know how desperately need a home.  If you remember, a few weeks ago we had just 2 weeks to find Samuel a home before he was sent away to an institution.  We did it!  All of us.  With your help, we spread the word and found him a loving home.  We need to do that again.  I will be advocating for all special needs children and hard to place children.  Please keep in mind, I will not post identifying information over the web.  You will need to write me privately at  The countries I will be advocating for are all Eastern European countries.  We have to abide by their rules.  We really need to help these children as quickly as we can.  So, I will feature one or two children per week. 

Without further delay, let me introduce..... Sebastian!!!  Sebastian is a precious 9 year old child.  This one is a GEM!!!  Not kidding.  I've heard great things about him and having a deaf child myself, I know how incredible some of the things I've heard about him are.  Not to mention, he is absolutely gorgeous.  Just a handsome young boy.  Eyes to melt your heart and a personality of gold to match.  He is Deaf.  He actually goes to a deaf school and knows sign language.  However, there is no one at all to communicate with him in his orphanage.  Can you imagine what wonders a family here would make for him!?  Someone knowing or learning ASL would be helpful but not a determining factor.  He is located in Eastern Europe.  Sorry folks, can't give that away on here.  We all know the rules & it is to protect the children.  Anyhow, this is a country that would require 2 trips.  Not long ones though.  In addition, this country will accept singles.  Please contact me at the email address above for additional information. 

Feel free to spread the word about this 9yo precious boy.  I can not wait to see him with his forever family and what a blessing he'll be to them.  There is another set of children I will tell you about that are very special to me.  Their need is immediate.  It will have to wait though as I really do need to finish getting some kiddos to bed.

BTW, took some new pics but they are horrible w/ our old camera.  Will post later as well.  Some good news, spoke w/ a gentleman today about our camera at the store we purchased it from.  He says it is under warranty even if it IS my fault that the camera broke.  Amazing!  So, frantically looking for the original receipt.  Post a little more later.  Please do spread the word about Sebastian.  I would love for him to find a home this week.  After living a life alone for so long, he honestly deserves a loving family.  This child has so much life and love to give, I don't want to see it go to waste.  I'll be honest, had I known about him originally, we would have not hesitated to pursue his adoption.  I don't say that lightly. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... I read this post yesterday night just before to go to sleep... And as you can imagine it took me a little time to fall asleep!!!... I couldn´t help thinking about him!... His NAME fits perfectly here!... (it´s very common and popular!, BTW I got a cousin named like him!) BUT Imposible!!!... We are in the end of the Globe and we are young for him -we could be his older brothers!...- Anyway I´m still thinking about him!... He´ll find his forever family!... I´m sure about that!!!... Please let us know when it happens!!!... Best whishes from "the end of the Globe"...