Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday & ramblings

It's already Thursday and I can hardly believe it!  Crazy,huh?  We managed to get a bunch accomplished this week.  We now wait for our FBI fingerprints to be approved & returned.  Learning that that may take 10 weeks.  Would it help if I contacted people I know that work there?-- Just kidding.  I do have friends there but would never do that.  Now, immigration I would definitely take on and have in the past before.  Nice that we can drive a few hours to the office.  I think sometimes these government offices are so used to not having to deal face to face that they don't know what to do when approached that way.  Hence, approvals come right away--LOL.  Can't do that anymore I'm sure.  So, like the rest of adoptive parents, I wait.  Not my forte by any means.  Adoption makes you learn patience whether you want to or not.  Almost a grueling process. 

We also sent in the contract this week.  Hopefully, we will be receiving a dossier packet soon and can get started on that.  We should have our passports back soon too as I sent them awhile ago.  Again, waiting.  I will let you know as soon as I start on the dossier.  Maybe take pictures of that wonderful stack of papers.  Like Warren has always said in the past, when the paperwork weighs as much as the child, then you can go and get them.  So true.  We also managed to file our taxes this week.  Wahoo!!!  Good and bad of it.  Good...we don't owe any taxes.  Bad news, Irina has grown up in the governments' eyes (LOL,yeh, right) so she no longer qualifies for the child tax credit.  Still, can't complain.  And yes, hopefully some of that will be used towards the adoption expenses.  Currently checking on that whole house foundation issue first and foremost.  I know many people simply spend their tax refund.  Some save it.  We're kind of in the middle.  Depends upon what is happening in that year.  When we had fairly old cars, we'd set some aside for car repairs.  Some years we set some aside for mini vacations for the kids.  Always save some for a "rainy" day fund.  You know, for when the kids break the upstairs window by throwing shoes at each other.  Or the kids rip the pool liner by tearing it with a mini skateboard.  Or when they mess up the toilet and the dining room light fixture looks like a waterfall.  You know, that type of rainy day fund.  Last year, a tree that was going to fall on the house was in that mix.  In any family there is always something going on. With a family  full of FAS children, there are always at least 10 things going on at once.  You have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  2 years ago, 2 of our kids were going through a fascination with fire.  We were almost positive one would burn down the house.  Sounds horrible but remember, our kids have no cause and effect thinking.  Ironically, one of my little "pyros" was NOT an FASer.  It was Bojan and Max if you're wondering who went through this phase.  One day, Bojan decided to light a piece of paper on fire and just toss it into the garage.  Tell me we did not have angels watching over us that day!  --it landed between a pile of old bags AND a can of gasoline.  We're lucky the whole house didn't explode.  Warren smelled something and we found it in time.  Here's one of their other incidents:

This kind of stuff goes on all the time.  This was a bug catcher.  They love catching bugs in summer and we go through a few of these things.  I honestly thought it was innocent enough.  See, when a parent buys something, they just have to think of intended use of said toy.  For special needs parents, you have to think, will they eat it, swallow it, destroy it, throw it, etc.  I honestly thought that there was nothing really bad they can do with this thing.  Ahhh, the magnifying glass that comes with it.  Duh, how could I forget?  I totally forgot about the magnifying glass and it's potential use.  Yes, they used it to start a fire.  Remember, we're surrounded by trees.  Again, I promise to write a post about FAS and our constant state of hypervigilence we live in.  It's not as bad as it seems.  We just live a little differently than most families I find.  Yet, we do a lot of normal things too.  Normal would be boring to show you though, right?  LOL.  Gee whiz this post got really sidetracked today.  Sorry about that.  Back to original intended post...Thoughtful Thursday.  Here are a few that I can remember. 

Nik- sharing his candy wiht his siblings.  Usually, he just eats it and laughs at them.  So, nice to see it this time.

Alex-- playing with Alyona when she didn't have anyone to play with.

Alyona-- Let's just say she has been unusually whiny this week and thoughtfulness was just not on her list of things to.  Next week will be better for her.

Bojan-- I was busy helping the kids get ready for school.  So, he jumped in and did Alyona's hair for her.  Brushed it and put it up for her. 

Yana-- Sat for a l-o-n-g time helping explain a math concept to Alex.  Very thoughtful as math is extremely hard for Alex.

Max--Helped carry Alyona down for bed when she was being uncooperative for me this week.  (told you, this was not Alyona's week)

Irina-- helped Alyona with homework and me with the kitchen.  Also, wrote to a penpal she hadn't written in awhile. 

Just a few of the things that were thoughtful that stuck out to me.  I think it is good to recognize these things in the kids.  There will be another post later about Bojan briefly.  And another about fundraising.  It is getting to a critical point.  Need to do something and fast.  For now, lots to do here today.  Bye for now.  Hope everyone has a great week.  We are SO excited!  This state is finally getting snow.  Quite a bit for here.  My kids laughed at me when I bought a big sled this fall at a yardsale.  Ha!  Who's laughting now?  I'm taking the good sled I told them.  Now all of a sudden they want to share.  I'm a kid at heart when it comes to snow.  We live in a subdivision called Southills.  Hills are indeed here.  We love it!  Can't wait to share pics.  We'll most likely be sledding, snowball fighting and snow angel making.  May even do "art" in the snow.  I have 6 sleds in this household.  A rarity in this state as most people use trash can lids or cardboard.  Yes, when you hardly ever get snow, you improvise.  But, Saturday, I have some real sleds and maybe we should spray them like the Griswold's did in Christmas Vacation.  In this coastal state, we know how to swim and live at the beach.  Snow, is a novelty here.  Yet, when it snows, poeple here get incredibly happy.  Poeple up north will complain about the snow.  Here, it is seen more as a gift.  We treasure that gift.  I'll show you pictures Saturday if all systems here stay up and running.  Can't wait. 

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