Friday, January 15, 2010

Spring fever & fundraising

It's hit me badly today.  What is it you say?  Spring Fever!  I'm so ready for spring and it only halfway through January.  Don't know how many know this but I LOVE flowers and used to work in a florist shop for awhile.  Flowers are everywhere in the spring and summer here.  Starts with the smell of honeysuckles from our side yard.  Tons of them.  Kids love to go get a taste of honey.  The scent is overwhelming and is just gives you that good time feeling.  Irina and I went for a spring walk today and it was wonderful.  Not a cloud in the sky, 60 degrees(F), and just gorgeous day to be outside.   We know it is too early for flowers but just had to post a picture to remind me spring is just around the corner.  

With spring just around the corner, I figured this is the BEST time to start thinking about flower bulbs and what we will be planting.  This just a perfect way to tie in our fundraiser for the next few weeks.  If we have any hope of getting our children home soon, we need to do all the fundraising we can and very quickly.  In adoption, fees are split up.  some due now, some in the middle, some when you go and even some when you get home.  We have $4000 due this week.  I have just a thousand raised so far.  We need to kick it into high gear is an understatement.  So, let's get started b/c there are 3 children waiting for their parents in Bulgaria.  Three children that may one day change the world or change a heart somewhere.  Three children that have much meaning in this world and need to be shown they are truly loved.  To do that, we need funds.  Hate it, but it is reality.  We will be able to come up with some of the funds on our own but not nearly the $30K we need.  We'll need to come up with around $20K via fundraising.  Hey, we're a thousand closer and that is nothing to be nervous about.  I know it takes a village to raise a child and it will take a village to help get them home.  So, all my villagers, unite & buy some beautiful flowers!!!  LOL. 

Here is what we are currently doing:  We are selling flower bulbs via Dutch Mill Bulb company.  IF you are local, you can easily place an order with us.  Even better if you are local, you can help sell them!  Anyone local can help sell these bulbs.  It is great as they are great quality, fun to do and everyone loves flowers.  Did I mention they are only $6?  Depending on the flower, depends upon how many bulbs come with it.  Some 2 or 3 and some 15 to 20.  Again, depends on what you get.  Please, please let me know if you'd like to take one of these sheets to the office, to church, to friends, to neighbors and I will be more than happy to hook you up.  In addition, out-of-state folks can help sell as well.  I just would need a good amount sold in order to offset shipping costs from here.  Hope that made sense.  And of course, I have flowers for sale for locals.  These will come up.  Guaranteed to.  Plus, I did this a few years ago and the perennials have come up every year since.  Love it.  Just what our homes and yards need during the spring...some wonderful color and scents.  So, please do let me know if any of you can sell bulbs or if anyone would like to purchase some locally.  Like I said, just $6.  You can't even get a value meal for that anymore at Wendy's.  But, you can get some flowers that will give you great joy for seasons to come. 

Next fundraiser we have is the magazine fundraiser.  It is ongoing of course.  It is on the sidebar.  Please, please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know.  It is quick, easy and you get something out of it for a year or two(depending upon your subscription time).  Awesome magazines and literally hundreds to choose from. 

Of course, we always have our chip-in button.  In addition, we'll have the paypal button up this evening as quite a few had requested to do it that way instead.  I totally understand.  I also am getting someone Western Union information that they requested.  Whatever anyone is most comfortable with, we don't mind at all.  Any questions, just email us at: 

The best way to raise money is simply word of mouth and awareness.  Please feel free to forward our blog or magazine link or whatever you'd like.  We just need 300 people to see it and donate $10 one time.  That would do the trick in an instant for next week.  $10 can save 3 lives!  I think that is incredible.  Oh, and if anyone whatsoever needs verification they can feel free to contact me and I can give them our agency's name & # to directly contact to verify we are indeed clients, do exist and are indeed adopting 3 special needs children from Bulgaria this year.  Trust me, there are scammers and I want everyone to know we are not.  We've been in the adoption community for over 10 years now and though we used to rarely post pictures, most know who we are.  Reason we didn't post pictures is someone tried to steal our family's identity and story and profit from it.  They did this to us and other families.  FBI was called in.  It was in the midst of us doing another adoption and I told them they could use my emails or whatever but I just wanted to forget about the rest of it all.  Was tryign to concentrate w/ my adoption.  So, as you can imagine, we make sure all things we do our legit and that no one would ever worry about the money going to the wrong place. 

I know this was a lot to take in.  We are hoping to possibly do a big Chocolate Extravaganza locally in February or March sometime.  Details on that later in the month obviously.  For now, the magazines, donations and flower bulb sales are priority.  Well, that and of course paperwork. 

Oh, did I tell you my kids start Upwards Basketball next week?!  They are SO excited they can hardly stand it.  It is so much fun watching them play.  My teens are going to start going to a youth group at a local church.  Well, it's in Raleigh but we like the people there a lot and so do the kids so worth the drive.  I definitely take pictures of that.  Here's one from last year:

We all go to the games.  EVen the teens who don't play.  They like to support the younger sibs.  Yes, I was even shocked at that one.  But they do.  So, I'm not complaining.  Here is Nik and Alyona.  Taking a break from game time.

this is Bojan from last year at Upwards Basketball game.  He was getting ready to take a shot.  Now, Bojan wears a prosthetic on his right leg and has a severe clubfoot on the left.  He can not really run.  Hates it in school when it takes him forever to finish laps while the other kids sit and wait for him to finish.  I think the slowest kid takes like 7 minutes and Bojan then finishes in 15 minutes.  It is really hard for him to accept and deal with as he gets older and knows he'll never run anything like him.  Upwards gives him that confidence he is unable to attain through school.  Again, wonderful program, wonderful people.   So, as you can imagine, kids are really happy to be participating again this year.  Thanks for listening and reading about the fundraisers.  I know it's not allt hat exciting but it is vital in order to bring the children home.  I want nothing more than next year at this time for my others to be participating in Upwards as well as other activities with the family.  I'm out of here for some great burgers on the grill that Warren and Max are cooking up.  We're all watching a movie and my sister in-law may stop by for a quick visit.  This will be our only free weekend for awhile so we plan on just cleaning up and relaxing.  Should have some pics up this weekend as well.  Next adoption topic will be choosing an agency.  Trying to cover a few topics a week as I know there are people reading this who are considering adoption or in process.  I am by no means an expert nor do I claim to be.  Just a parent who has learned from their mistakes & doesn't mind sharing some advice I'd wished I'd had before I started adopting.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Thanks for reading.  Please remember to purchase some flowers ro magazines & to spread the word.  It's Bulgaria Bound this year!!!  I can hardly wait for the day I can share pictures with you all and what they can do.  We will document on video as much as we can w/ this adoption.  should be interesting.  SO much has changed in the adoption world and the regular world since we first adopted back in 1999.  We arrived in Russia w/ suitcase full of tools..vice grips, screwdrivers, hammers, etc.  I don't think we'd be allowed through security nowadays with those bags.  So many other interesting changes as well.  Sounds like a post topic one day.  Okay, burgers are done. 

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