Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some quick pics

Some of you have already read about the whole camera incident on our Christmas Vacation.  Long story short, I have my camera back again but nothing is set on it yet.  I'm practicing so thought I'd give you all some practice shots.  All the kids are downstairs watching Karate Kid.  All of them.  Dreary day out so just relaxing and making cookies maybe later.  Kids are out of school.  Not in a crafty mood so just basically hanging out.  We're good at that.  I may actually attempt to go for a run w/ Alex later.  He's my 9 year old nicknamed 'Dash' from the Incredibles movie.  Won the Presidential Fitness Award every year I think.  He is the epitome of athleticism.  I'm hoping he can help motivate me into shape.  I promised him I'd run a 5K with him in the spring.  Should be interesting.  Back to topic.  Rough picture shots.  Breaks up the long posts though.  Here goes:

A rare teenager shot.  Yana playing w/ both Nik and Alyona.  I'm really suprised queen of sulking came out of her room.  Seriously.  She is shall we say...MAD... at us right now.  Yes, mad at the thought of moving away from this house and this community.  I said in my last post about the emotional trauma.  Yana's RAD is under control but you can't erase a past life in a kid no matter how much love you give them.  Just what comes with the territory of adopting older children.  We roll with the punches and yes, she'll get over this.  It is part of life...change.  And a move is something we want to do before all of them are in high school.  We don't want to move during a high school year.  Though it would be for Irina, it is different for her as she's moving to a new school anyhow whether we stay or go.  Yana doesn't want to talk about it.  Like I said, she's mad.  She told us we should vote on this decision about moving.  Warren said that would be fine but mom and dad have final say.  It played out like that scene from Cheaper by the Dozen.  Oh well.  We'll get there sooner or later.  For now, she's fine.  Yana is watching Karate Kid w/ the rest of them.  Nice, a movie about change and moving on.  Yeh, that should help the situation. 

Okay, this one's a little weird.  Irina & I were at the post office yesterday mailing the FBI fingerprints off.  Hooray!  Well, they have this bin of stuff that you can look through that is deeply discounted.  $1 or $3 an item.  We were looking and both saw this one.  As some of you know, Max is the artist in our family and does both prints and carves.  I thought he and Bojan would get a kick out of this hand carved face for their room.  It reminded Irina and I from a character on Night of the Museum.  Irina and I both thought it looked a little like Atila the Hun.  Ummm, no.  that is the response we got from everyone else.  Some of the kids said it was a President, some said it was St. Nicholas(santa) and some had no clue.  It literally is no one.  Just a carving.  Neat to see their responses though, huh?  Gets them thinking.  And carving is an art.  I like my kids to see different forms of artwork.  So, it is now in Bojan and Max's room.  Reminds them of explorers of years past.

This is the back part of our dining room.  Notice anything out of place?  Anything at all??  Could it be the Christmas Tree?  Yes indeed.  I have asked since we came home from vacation for this box to be put away.  I won't even say anything else.  Max took the tree down.  Great having a teenage boy sometimes.  In all fairness though, Warren has so much to do when he gets home that this is definitely last on the list.  I totally understand.  I am fortunate enough to have a husband who gives his family 120% all the time.  I can't complain about a stupid tree in a box. 

I asked Nik to show me what was behind his back.  I knew I had heard something from the other room.  He was bouncing it all over the place.  What a turkey.  He is a sneaky little thing sometimes.  Nik has been asking for the past week if he can have 2 implants.  I think even at 7 years old, he has noticed the difference it can make.  I will post one day about his particular deafness and disorder. It's complicated.  There are SO many stupid guidelines though in place, it takes quite awhile to get the second implant.  Don't even know if it would be possible at this point.  But, being that he's asking for it and seeing for himself he can actually hear more with it, says a lot.  He has a follow up at the end of February.  Asking questions then.

Those were just a few quick practice pictures.  I have to set the camera more tonight.  Warren will do that actually.  He's much better mechanically inclined then I am.  Today we are hanging out like I said.  Have to get more scripts filled.  Keeping up with the kids' meds is a job in itself.  Have to be vilgilent and even more frightening when you sometimes know more than the pharmacist!  Our kids came with more complicated issues than originally thought in some cases.  With adoption, this is to be expected.  My job is to stay on top of their medical and mental health.  This includes all medication, appointments and medication changes.  I took Irina for her blood draw this morning.  Bojan has a prosthetic appointment tomorrow.  I think Warren is going to take him to that though.  All the kids are home tomorrow so don't want to tote all of them there.  Bojan has to get an AFO for his clubfoot.  Wear it for a month and then get surgery.  Our surgeon is extra cautious due to what happened to Alyona years ago.  she got a botched surgery job and has permanent damage to her right arm.  I'd show the pictures of her arm we took but I am afraid some would not be able to stomach seeing it.  Seriously, it was that bad.  Hoping for no surgeries this year but looks like Bojan will need another clubfoot surgery for sure.  It's all a process and again, you just go with it.  We have a great team of doctors and specialists in place for all the kids and they treat them very well.  Some of my kids have quite a few sensory issues.  Finding docs who understand PI kids is key.  I was truly worried about what they'd say about Irina the one day.  Since she can't really feel pain, she acts like nothing is wrong.  Even w/ a gaping head would or a nail in the knee.  Most docs would be suspicious.  However, ours see her all the time and have gotten to know her very well enough to know it truly is who she is and she has no control over it.  On top of that, she is very scarred up on her legs.  I keep asking what I can do to help that but her neurologist said all her severe OCD patients have the same scarring.  Doesn't make me feel any better b/c as a parent you want to help your children.  Sometimes, you just can't fix it all.  I take expert advice, mix a little of my own and try hard to make it all work.  Again, medication and love can only fix so much.  Good news is she is very healthy and mentally in tact.  She has a very compassionate side and helps out immensely around here.  Yes, she has her regular teenage issues but all kids do...adopted or not.  Just the teen years.  Today, she's making a cake.  She is our resident baker.  When I homeschooled her, we mixed in a lot of baking w/ history lessons.  Even got a history lesson cookbook.  Some great recipes.  She learned some fractions as well.  so, she loves to bake.  Max loves to grill.  The rest, well, they all love to eat.  Need to cut this off for today.  Later, I'll do a thoughtful Thursday post and a Waiting Child Wednesday post that I did not do yesterday.  Enjoy your day everyone. 

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