Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some pics to share

Thought I'd add a few pictures from this past weekend.  Here goes:

this is Alyona and Bojan just goofing around.  My 10 year olds.  Well, Bojan is now officially 11yo.  Alyona loves wearing her kimono.  And her sister's t-shirts.  Oh, it was so funny the other night b/c she asked me "when are the sisters coming home?"  I think that is a sign she's ready.  What do you think?

this is Alex trying to smile.  He did not feel good this day.  Poor kid.  Threw up but we feel it was from so much junk food at the party that he just wasn't used to eating.  He loves this hat for whatever reason.  And camera hog Nik of course wanting a picture.  Doesn't matter who is sick, they still hug each other. 

I told you a few posts back that I would share some of Max's artwork.  He HATES us taking pictures of it and feels his work isn't that good.  Ha!  I beg to differ.  I took a picture of this on the floor.  Sorry for the lighting.  Maybe you can click on it and look at it more closely.  He is not done w/ it but took it anyhow.  It is a picture of our home.  I think it looks great so far.

Max has been working on perspective drawings lately.  He started to draw a church from scratch.  He is not near done w/ it as he kindly tells me and why do you want a picture of something that is not done?  True artist for sure.  Very picky about his work.  I like it.  Hope to frame some of these one day.  You should see him draw the Iron Giant and cars.  amazing work.  He may sell some of it soon to raise money for the adoption.  Nice thought & would give him a self-confidence boost for sure on his artwork if some of it sold.  We'll see.  I told him to have a few pieces and we could do that.  He wants to help raise money and this would be a great way for him to do it.  He is not very social and will not go selling bulbs like the girls are going to do w/ me this weekend.   We'll see. 

Max draws skulls ever since he saw Pirates of the Carribean.  Boys of course love this one.  Typical boys for sure.  Just wanted you to get an idea of his talent.  Max has a natural gift.  He has tons of other drawings and haven't taken pictures of all.  I understand many of his drawings are still in the works.  Tell us what you think of them.  I can't even draw a stick figure.  

I don't know if Alyona was mad that we had to stop and get gas or what.  She definitely is not happy though.  Still has that stupid haircut that her sister did to her.  Poor kid.  Nik is trying to wear his glasses more which is wonderful.  Will help him to read more.  We were headed to Warren's parents' house for a belated Christmas.  I will share those pictures a little later.

Guess what?!  Finally received my homestudy packet a few minutes ago.  Yep, when the paperwork weighs as much as the child, then you can go and pick them up!  Geez, even homestudy paperwork is a stack full nowadays.  It's crazy.  So, I'm wrapping up this post and going to get it done.  Hoping to get the fingerprinting done Friday morning as tomorrow I have an appointment.  Have to then get fingerprinted and send it off to the FBI.  You know to make sure we're not axe murders or embezzlers or criminals of any kind.  Okay.  I think we'll pass.  Who has time to do criminal activity with 7 kids--LOL.  We also need to get child abuse checks and medicals done.  Those are actually done.  Great doctor!  I think I can have this back in the mail to them this week.  My record dossier was 3 days years ago.  I'm serious about this stuff!  Only 1 appointment tomorrow.  So, writing & filling out papers all night tonight and tomorrow.  I want this D-O-N-E so the social worker can come out here next and work her magic part.  Most agencies are used to clients taking their time.  Umm, not us.  I hope they realize we have 3 kids waiting for their mom & dad on the other side of the world and we are not playing around here.  We are ready to get paperwork done and be that much closer to getting our children.  So watch out, that homestudy paperwork is getting DONE today & tomorrow.  One day, I'll have to take pictures of all the paperwork.  And this is not even the dossier yet!  Got to get goign to do some paperwork.  Hope you enjoyed some brief pictures.  I'm finally getting excited.  Now, the hard part... fundraising.  I'll do a post on that later.  We have a long way to go & need some help w/ ideas and spreading the word.  Talk a little later.  Tell me what you all think of some of Max's artwork. 


  1. Hi Stephanie!!!... What a Beautiful drawings!!!... He could sell them for sure!... Your house and the chuch are perfect!!!... I bought him one if he would like to sell them!...
    Great job Max!... Congratulations!!!...
    Kind regards from Argentina!.

  2. Hello there!

    Just wanted to say that Max is an EXTREMELY talented artist. His work is beautiful and I definitely think you could sell it. His grasp of perception is wonderful and will serve him well if he every decides to paint or delve into some other medium. Kudos to him and good luck with your fund raising.