Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some new pics of daily life--LOL

Okay, as you know, our camera broke at our SC trip for Christmas.  I was crushed.  Well, Warren, handyman he is, resurrected our old camera for a temporary fix.  It has terrible images but will have to for now. Great news is the guy today where we purchased our camera said we can bring it back even if it was MY fault b/c it is under warranty for a year!  I was estatic and I'm sure other customers thought this woman is nuts.  Oh well.  Made my day.  Here goes w/ some not so great pictures.  enjoy. 

This is Alyona.  I don't know how the kid is still smiling after this hack job of a haircut from her older sister Irina.  I was SO mad.  Despite my childrens' chronological ages, I sometimes forget they are not capable of making rational decisions.  With children with FAS, you should really never leave them unattended.  Well, sometimes Warren and I like to go for a short walk or to Walmart literally around the corner from our house.  You'd think that would be harmless.  This time it was the hair.  Last time we went for a walk in the neighborhood, there was glue in the dog, a chair ruined and glue in Irina's hair.  When we left them, they were all quietly sitting on the floor watching a movie.  Hence, why our home is called Chaos Manor.

This is a project I let the kids do this past weekend.  You may not be able to tell but it is 3-D.  They make the plaster molds and then paint them.  Then, lay them on this poster as if this is an archeaological dig.  Cute project for sure.  Kept them busy for a little while.  I think it turned out great.

I still promise that I will take a picture one day w/out something on the floor.  That is my goal this year for this blog--LOL.  This is Yana.  She looks way too grown up for my tastes.  I am in trouble when she starts dating.  bEhind her is the fireplace.  Notice the plastic covering on it.  That is b/c it is freezing in the living room.  Very drafty and trying to cover all holes.  Windows in this house all need replaceing but it really is quite an expense to do.  Has to wait for a little while.  Next priority will be braces and orthodontics for the girls and will cover that tomorrow.

My kids love to make their own fun up sometimes.  Okay, Alex is breakdancing in the background.  Bojan is of course standing on his head.  And yes, I'm well aware of bookbags on the stairs and floor.  It is just life here.  Hoping to have it cleaned up before the social worker comes.  LOL.  Of course, if she comes on a day when the kids come home from school, all bets are off.  This is what it looks like.  My feeling is, as long as the house is clean I can relax if the kids lay their bookbags down on the floor when they get home.  Helps having a germaphobe in the house to keep it clean.

Warren will not like this picture so I apologize ahead of time.  Warren is always willing to play with the kids.  Warren was swinging him around just a second ago before I snapped the shot.  Alyona and Nik love it.  The other kids used to but they're all a little heavier now.  When all the kids were younger, he used to fold them up like a football and throw them across our pool.  The kids loved it.  Warren wouldn't be able to move his arm the next day.  But, he'd do it again and again. 

I'll share more pictures later of bojan's birthday.  Got to go.  Nik is tormenting his brother.  He knows his brother won't wake up for anything.  Nothing.  So, Nik tickles him, jumps on him, positions him all kinds of ways and poor Alex sleeps all through it.  One day, Alex will wake up and payback will abound.  Can't imagine when our other 9yo son comes home.  That will be a riot with all 3 boys in there at night.  Enjoy your evening.

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