Saturday, January 2, 2010

SC Trip-- part IV (new year's resolutions)

Coming home.  So, we wake up from what was a wonderful night the night before at Medieval Times.  Tired, we decided to use our free tickets for the breakfast the last day there.  Got runny eggs, disgusting sausage, soupy grits, 2 pieces of toast and hot tea.  YUCK!!!  That was the verdict from all of us.  First off, boiling hot water and kids don't mix.  They did well with it.  They all like chai so that's a good thing.  We finished up and went upstairs to clean out the rest of the room.  Everyone helped.  Great checkout process for sure.  Had everyone use the restroom b/c we figured I-95 may be really blocked.  Long story short...we lucked out and made it home in 3 hours and 15 minutes!  Kids and us cleaned out the car and settled back into routine.  Kids all missed the yard and running around, you could tell.  Decided on a light dinner so salad it was.  For those new to adoption, you will find your kids tend to gravitate toward veggies and fruit.  All of mine but one are this way.  It is such a great thing.  We do not even give our kids vitamins and bloodwork is perfect.  Lowes Foods thinks we're kidding when we buy all those apples on special.  My kids finished off 72 apples in 2 days!!!  No lie.  I think they have the fiber part covered--LOL.  Dr. Oz would be proud.  (for those non-Americans on here, he is a doctor on tv that loves to give health advice and talks frequently about fiber).  We retired to bed that evening and had to get ready for the next day.  Warren & I actually had doc appts. the next morning.  Usually, can't leave the kids or something stupid will happen.  Trust me.  Take today for example.  Went to Walmart.  Came home & Max had given Alyona a haircut!  Yes, he did.  Anyhow, on that morning after the trip, we knew the kids were exhausted and Wii was calling them.  Let them play video games while we were gone.  Very quick appointment so even got to go to the store afterwards.  Kids were so happy as we brought a pile of fruit home.  Nothing else special since then.  We've been trying to get the kids back into routine.  See, FAS children thrive on routine.  They are slowly getting readjusted. 

It was obviously New Year's.  Since we had just gotten home, we did nothing.  It was actual nice to not have to go anywhere.  I let the kids make snow pops.  Okay, they did not turn out the way I had envisioned.  They enjoyed eating them.  They also made snowflake gumdrops after dinner.  Proves you don't have to spend a pile of money on "stuff" for kids to have fun.  That is such a pet peeve of mine.  I drop my kids off at some of their friends houses and it looks like Santa's workshop.  We keep it simple here.  Plus, their friends always seem to come over here.  My kids do a lot of imaginative play...knights, pirates, doll babies, etc.  Other kids come here asking to come again.  They must not miss that "stuff" too much.  I know some kids that have 3 different gaming systems and never understood why.  We've always tried to instill family values in our kids and that stuff will not necessarily will make you happy.  Now, don't get me wrong, my kids have plenty of "stuff" for sure!  They are not lacking in that department.  But, they also share really well.  I think my kids could have fun w/ a piece of string in the desert.  They tend to make their own fun. 

This is my son Nik.  What is he doing you ask?  Having fun!  How?  Well, Alyona has decided Nik is a dog.  She has his shirt hooked to a leash.  His "dog bowl" is his cup.  I have no idea why they play this game.  But, to them it is fun.  Took Nik awhile to learn that all dogs are not signed Bear.  our dog's name is Bear to add to the confusion.  See, my kids make up things and have fun.  They don't always have to have things to play with and I really do like that.  Their favorite things to play with... sticks from the woods.  They make wands and swords out of them.  They play knights, pirates and Harry Potter. 

So, we've been just hanging out since we got home from our trip and trying to get adjusted to a 2010.  The kids have decided on some resolutions they want.  Let's see if I can remember. 

Irina-- wants to learn to drive.

Max-- wants to learn to drive and increase his art skills.

Yana-- get out of special ed classes & grow her hair longer.

Bojan-- to learn heiroglyphics. 

Alyona-- to eat better.

Alex-- to not throw and kick in the house. 

Nik-- too young to understand. 

I think all those were awesome!  Though I doubt Bojan will learn heiroglyphics, it gives him something to strive for.  He loves the pyramids and ancient Egypt.  I think most of these resolutions can be attained.  Was fun to listen to them and see what they wanted to accomplish this year.  It should be an exciting year.  Not just because we're expanding our family but because our children are growing and learning each day.  Nice to watch that.  My resolution is to get in shape.  I'm following along this season w/ the new Biggest Loser.  I'm going to be one of them & do it on my own!  I had lost 7 pounds and then gained it back over the holidays.  Thank goodness we're back to normal eating and lifestyle.  I mean shoot, how many other kids do you know that would put up w/ what we eat.  For dinner tonight, we had asparagus, corn on the cob and mushroom burgers.  Kids loved them.  We all thought it tasted more like pizza.  Lunch, we all had salad (told you we love salad).  Of course, I let them all have tastycakes (cupcakes) I bought today.  a moment of weakness, I know.  I think our vacation ended wonderfully and believe with all my heart that 2010 is going to be the biggest transforming year yet.  Anyone out there have some resolutions? 

Tomorrow, I have 2 things I want to write on here.  1) Irina's transformation piece.  2) Fundraisers.  we have to step it up a notch and really kick this fundraising into gear.  I am SO ready to go get my kids and bring them home.  Even IRina on our walk today asked when I think we'll go on our first trip.  She knows the deal.  She's been through enough adoptions to know the process.  Kids are also having fun coming up w/ names.  We have decided on the 2 girls names.  Still thinking of the boy's name.  We've always liked Dakota but he does not look like a Dakota.  Any boys' names suggestions, send them my way.   Okay, this post is way too long already.  Do the fundraising post & transformation post tomorrow.  Have a great evening.  Bojan and Warren's birthday are on Tuesday.  Time is just flying by. 

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