Friday, January 1, 2010

SC Trip-- part III

Alright, hope you all enjoyed the pictures.  We will be w/out pictures for at least a few days.  We may try to resurrect our old digital camera temporarily until the other one hopefully gets fixed.  we'll see.  Doesn't take nearly as good of pictures but something is better than nothing.  So much on the adoption front to tell you all about but will do that later.  I'm getting it together for a change.  This post however, is all about our trip.  So, here goes.

It is now Tuesday on our trip.  I posted about Sunday and Monday already w/ pictures.  Monday we got up and I fed us all oatmeal and yogurt.  See a theme here...healthy.  Well, at least to balance out all the junk we ate--LOL.  We went out to the Ripley's Museum.  Unbeknownst to us, it didn't open till 11.  Lovely.  Back to the hotel b/c in winter time, almost nothing is open at the beach until 11am.  Went back and decided to go on the beach and collect shells and feel the water.  Got some great shells.  Kids and I were sort of having a contest of who could collect the best shells.  My kids love a little competition.  Found some really nice shells.  Warren told the kids he would make them necklaces out of the shells they got.  He's going to try to do that tomorrow after taking Christmas decorations down.  Can't wait to see if they turn out.  Anyways, we walked on the beach, got really chilly and went back to the room.  Decided to eat lunch before we left.  Ate turkey & ham sandwiches, string cheese, apples, & small pieces of pizza I cooked.  Simple lunch.  Then, it was off to the museum.  I must say, we were highly, highly disappointed in the museum.  A couple of cool things but not really.  There were a lot of static displays which we expected, but we expected a little bit more for the money.  And, of course, they exit you through an arcade.  Kids didn't really like the museum either.  So, we decided to stop by another gift shop and pick up a few things.  Umm, you can't really go wrong with sunglasses for a quarter a piece!  Seriously, 25 cents.  So, Alyona, Alex, Nik and Bojan decided to get sunglasses.  Girls wanted another mood ring for .99 cents.  Again, can do that.  Warren got another 2 shirts.  I made him.  See, he NEVER and I mean never buys anything for himself.  Mainly because he hates shopping but mostly b/c he is always putting the kids' needs first.  I admire that in him.  He likes his new shirts.

Now, I have to tell you this one.  There are some ahh, "naughty" things in this shop we discovered.  Why kids are always attracted to those things, I'll never know.  With Nik's new implant, he can even hear the fart sounds some of these stupid things make.  Nice.  Steered them away from those only to have Irina ask a question while everyone was at the register.  Now,remember that even though Irina is 17 yo old now, she looks AND acts around 12yo.  That is more on par w/ her emotional/ mental age.  She also does not know a lot of things as we limit access to tv and computer.  She asked as loud as day "Daddy, what is pootang?"  He quickly grabbed it from her and told her he'd tell her later.  First off, she was pronouncing what she read very wrong.  It was actually Butane.  It was a butane refill for a lighter.  Relief with that one. 

Kids were behaving very well so we decided on an impromptu treat since it was right next door.  Got a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  Keep in mind, we typically only have sweets on a special occassion or party.  Kids were all thrilled as was mom!  I love the white creme filled donuts topped with chocolate.  We got all they had & the rest were chocolate creme filled. Yum.  Went back to the hotel and had donuts and milk.  Relaxed with some tv.  We watched the Bridge to Terabithia.  Great movie.  We had never seen it before.  After that, we all got ready for our big night event...the medieval dinner.

We headed out.  Made it there after a few wrong turns.  The castle was big.  It was so neat.  You walk in and they really want you to walk back in time.  It was awesome.  We walked into this huge hall.  Of course, it is surrounded by things you can purchase.  Again, our kids know the rules and don't fight us on that even when other kids are gettign things.  Very proud of my kids for that.  Don't get me wrong folks, we do buy souveniers for kids but we're also not going to get ripped off.  And paying $15 for a sword that you can get at the $1 store is ridiculous.  They enjoyed walking around and seeing things.  You each get a color when you go in.  Our crowns were blue.  What it is,is you have different sections in the arena.  Each section with a color.  That is the knight you will be rooting for the entire evening.  Everyone was ushered in and sat down.  Very orderly for sure.  Huge arena.  Our winch( waitress Paige) was letting us know what we were going to have for dinner.  The place is called Medieval Times and it is a dinner theater you are essentially going to.  They put on a show while you eat.  It was the BEST!!!  We had more than an awesome time.  Now, we knew Alyona would be scared.  You have to remember, with FAS children, many times they can not separate fact from fiction.  It is very hard for them to understnad what is "real."  So, the sword fighting terrified her but we reassured her they were not really dead or falling off the horse.  She liked it when the horses did tricks though and soon enough, her hands were up in the air with the rest of them.  The boys were SO happy as they watched King Arthur on tv the night before.  They were really into the show.  The food was phenominal.  Your meal included like half a chicken, a spare rib, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, potato and dessert.  Talk about stuffed after a  I honest to goodness don't know where Bojan puts it but the kid ate everything!  NO LIE.  He ate the entire thing.  Could not believe it.  I wished I had pictures from this event.  It was truly incredible and worth every penny we spent on it.  The entire family enjoyed it.  It was about a 2 and a half hour show.  Got back to the hotel late.  Kids munched on their dinner leftovers some more as they were too busy watching the show to eat.  Got everyone to bed after all the excitement.  We all had just a really honest to goodness great time at Medieval Times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Highly, highly recommend it.  Check it out at: .  You won't regret it.  Trouble is, only in a few states right now. 

Will write about the trip home & adjustments once home later or tomorrow.  Warren is making shrimp kebobs right now and kids are running around like squirrels on speed.  Don't know why they are so hyper but they are.  Hope you enjoyed my recollection of our trip so far.  We really did have a great time.  EVen though it is hard to take 7 kids who do not act their age on a trip, it is totally worth seeing their reactions to new things.  Now all can say they've been to the beach, to a dinner theater, and to a great aquarium.  I know some say we are strict but with FAS children, it is imperative you have set limits and that includes on a trip.  As you can see, even with limits, they ahve a wonderful time and even learn a lot.  Ever since we've been home, Bojan has been obsessed with Egypt and ancient times.  Saw some things at Ripleys.  He's been reading all about it.  Max has been drawing some movie stuff.  Girls are planning where we should vacation next.  Thanks for joining us on our trip and will scan some pictures in once they are developed.  Okay, so Warren will do that part.  Chat on here later.

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