Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snow!!!-- part II w/ a crash

Here's some more pictures I promised tonight.  More posts later as well.  Let me continue w/ the pictures.


After getting aggrevated with her for taking all my sleep away, I was able to snap a few pics of Alyona (aka...the mouse).   She loves anything pink.  Her scarf is one she made.  Either last year or  the year before, I let all the girls and boys make their own scarves.  They loved it.  It was an easy, fun and time consuming project.  The girls put beads on at the end of theirs.  They love the scarves and it is something they created.  May have them do some more soon.  The older girls want not so "girlish" ones now that they're older.  Alyona was very, very chicken in the beginning and didn't want to go down any hill.  Our brave little one later was able to go down "Death Hill."  Sorry, no picture of that one.

This is Max.  Not the best shot but did not get hardly any shots of the teens.  Why?  Because they were all over the neighborhood playing w/ friends.  They came home  to eat and drink hot cocoa.   Then, they later complain I don't have any photos of them on here.  Can't win for losing with teenagers.  Go figure.  The dog in the photo is not ours.  It's a neighbor's.  She's named Emma.  Bear was not too keen on laying out in the snow so he spent most of the day inside.

I know you can barely see this picture but had to snap it quickly.  I thought it was too cute.  This is Nik.  He literally had icicles hanging from his hair and eyelashes.  Completely frozen.  So, he runs inside and strips down to just his underwear.  Yet, leaves his jacket on which I thought was hilarious.  You can see how smart this kid is.  He is standing on top of the heating vent.  

This house seemed to be the gathering place today.  This is some of the kids with 2 of their friends.  This was one of the many hot cocoa breaks of the day.  That hot chocolate maker ran nonstop.  They were all looking out of the window waiting for our neighbor to snowboard down the hill in his backyard.  

This is of course Bear (aka...Teddy Bear).  He didn't stay on the snow for long.  Smart dog.  I think he was more afraid of the kids sledding into him actually.  We love our Teddy Bear!

Alright, the scene of the accident.  We couldn't have an all clear snow day with out least one accident, could we??  This is Alyona and Bojan taking in what they see at the bottom of the creek.  Cold, cold creek.  A HUGE drop off.  Trust me , the pictures don't do it justice.  It is a really steep drop off on the side of the driveway.  Remember me talking earlier of our hill?  If you get enough speed and don't apply your Flintstone breaks(legs for those who forgot the cartoon reference), you will have a short flight in the air before you land hard in the broken trees and creek below.  Can you guess who landed in the creek?  Yep, Alex.

Hard to tell from the picture but that is where Alex fell.  That big thing laying across the creek is a huge tree that was knocked down years ago by Hurricane Fran.  Kids climb on it all the time in the spring and summer.  It was not intended to be landed on.  

This is Alex climbing out of the creek and drop off.  I think his ego was definitely hurt more than his body.  Of course, all the other boys are yelling " you should have seen him fly through the air!"  Yes, I'm sure it was a sight.  

Well, the computer won't let me upload more pics so for now they are done.  I'll do a part 3 tomorrow.  Need to get some kids to bed after this movie.  I'll write a little more later.  I'm trying to get organized at what fundraiser to do next.  Need to find a big place to have one.  Plenty around here.  Right now, really a big push to get the necessary funds in.  Things are wanting to move fast.  A need to be able to move with it.  I will definitely post more later as to what is going on and what is necessary to move forward.  We're navigating the twists and turns of this adoption journey as best we can.  I am going to write a tell all book on how not to lose your mind when adopting.  The reward though is just as grand as looking at these pictures tonight.  The kids  are the end result of this difficult process.  Very worth it.  Even when they make an air dive into a creek.  Or scare their sister with a mask. Or one of the other many antics today that has transpired.  These are the moments you'll remember, the ones that last forever.  I'm ready to share more of these moments with three children waiting for us on the other side of the world.  Sorry for the ramblings.  Have a great evening.  I'll most likely post again.  Tomrorw though, I'm hitting the hills!  Eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast.  Yum.  Trying to give the kids fuel in food for their activity level.  It worked today. 

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