Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snow!!!-- part I

Okay, you've waited long enough for pictures.  I must admit something first so you all don't always think it is picture perfect in this house & all roses all the time.  NO WAY!!!  I know, you are all rolling on the floor laughing right now, right?  Okay, so last night, we were mean, awful parents.  We didn't want our daughter sleeping on the cold hardwood floor.  So, we made her sleep upstairs.  Told the mouse she could take her dogbed with her.  It was a full blown all out temper tantrum.  It was quite the show and quite frankly, I was really ashamed of her and let her know it.  We still weren't going to cave no matter how many times she walked down the stairs.  She was up, & thus we were up, until way past 2:00am!!!  On top of that, they were up at 6:30am to see the snow.  URGHH.  I am totally exhausted right now.  Yet, still managed to muster up some energy to get out of bed and cook pancakes and sausage before a big snow day.  My kids owe me big time--LOL.  Alyona had to write this morning before she could play.  In addition, she's definitely going to bed early today.  Anyhow, let me get to some pictures and explain our day thus far. 


Anticipation is killing them.  this is one of the 7 snow sleds we have.  I guess Nik is practicing.


One of mom's requirements is for at least one photo shot with all of them together.  If we get at least 5 smiling, we take the shot, like it or not.  They were so ready to go they bolted after this picture.


This is Nik getting ready to launch down our hill.  We have a fantastic one in our yard if you can dodge the trees and not go over the drop off on the other side of the driveway.  Yes, more about that stupid stunt later from one of the kids.  Nik is ready to go.  


Think Alex has the hang of this?  No gloves on notice.  No coat zipped.  However, I did manage to get a hat on him and boots.  That has to be some sort of progress, right?  Alex stayed on course for this run.


This is Mariah(neighbor across the street & the girls' friend) and Irina.  Irina is on the right.  They have a big hill, go down it and fly across the road.  Irina had enough clothes on which is great.  Remember, Irina is one of our FASers and has some serious sensory issues.  One of which is she can't feel pain or extreme temperatures.  So, even if her lips turn blue, she does not know she is cold.  Thankfully, with friends who know the difference, Irina usually comes in when they do and that works out well.  


I'm sure the comments will come about the old lady on the sled here w/ her son.  Max took over the camera for awhile and captured a few shots.  This is of Nik & I going down the hill full force.  It really is a lot of fun.  I must have gone up and down that hill for hours.  I think I got my exercise in for the day.  This was a really slick board we used.  Found it at a yardsale brand new this fall and the kids made fun of me for buying it.  Today, they all were dying to use it.  They call it the "lightening" sled.  


A photo op wouldn't be complete without an almost crash.  Nik and I were finally landing.  Hill doesn't look that steep from here but you really do get some speed up for sure.  


Chaos Manor.  How peaceful it looks in the snow.  The snowfall was not much, just  a few inches. But what made it great was the layer of sleet/ ice believe it or now.  Was perfect for sledding and snowball fights.  Not for making snowmen or snow angels.  We really had a great time today and can't wait for tomorrow to see what snow fun awaits us all.  I'll write and post more pics tonight.  Need a break to give Nik a bath and clean up some.  Promise some more snow pictures in a bit.  It was just really a day full of fun.  

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