Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick updates & miscellaneous

First off, a big, big thank you to Amy!  Take a look at what she put on her blog: .  That was incredibly sweet & the more exposure the better.  Anyone who wants to post on their blog definitely has my permission.  Another thank you to Lorraine, Linda and Tom for ordering magazines.  I do hope you and your family enjoy them. 

Anyone want to purchase some flower bulbs with white stuff on the ground--LOL.  Though here in NC, we got NOTHING.  Not a one thing.  We're totally bummed here.  School was delayed at the thought of snow.  People right now in the midwest I'm sure are laughing at us.  It really is funny how southerners react to snow.  Even for hurricanes for that matter.  We live inland but doesn't matter.  You know there will be no bread, eggs, milk or beer left in the stores.  You think I'm kidding?  They even report it on the news here.  It just cracks me up.  Maybe next month we'll get the white stuff.

Homestudy status.  Still in a holding pattern.  Director of agency mailed out a package yesterday since they approved our application to start the homestudy and such.  Seriously, after 4 homestudies, 28 post placement reports, can't I just write one and send it in?!  I promise I won't cheat--LOL.  Okay, so my 10yo sleeps on a dogbed.  Does that matter?  I think I've explained the dogbed thing in another post.  If not, I'll do it in my special needs post as well later this week.  BTW, Alyona does indeed have a bed.  She just chooses to sleep on a dogbed instead.  Go figure.  I'm not too worried about the homestudy.  We got glowing recommendations from our medical doctor so that helps.  Still working on lowering my cholesterol & so is Warren.  I have horrible genetics when it comes to that.  URGHH.  Other than that though, very healthy & approved to adopt by our medical docs.  So, we wait for the magic package and go from there.  Hoping we'll have an appointment this month and we can finish that puppy up!  We do have an issue and hope it really won't be an issue.  It is where to put the new kids.  Well, it's not an issue but wondering if homestudy folks will give us a hard time.   We've done this for ALL our other children when adding more.  See, the 9yo boy coming home will share w/ Alex(9yo) and Nik(7yo).  Max & Bojan will remain in their shared room.  So, all 5 boys will be upstairs.  Now, upstairs is 1000 sq. feet so not like they don't have plenty of space.  Shoot, all of htem could be in one room and it still wouldn't be a problem.  But as they get older, we like them to have some elbow room and show their true selves.  Max has his own little art studio w/in his room upstairs.  Now, Irina and Yana have individual rooms and will remain that way.  Alyona(10yo), 'R'(7yo) and Little Bit (3yo) will all share a room that is yet to be built.  What we are doing is turnign an already existing garage into a set of bedrooms.  It will have a catwalk on the top where all the beds will be as this is a tall room.  Play area all on the bottom.  What needs to be done to make this happen is:

1) clear all the clutter out of there.  Have to  build a shed outside for it to go in.  This really makes me mad b/c last year we literally gave away an antique volvo car we had that we were going to restore.  Guy who came to get it said he would bring us a shed b/c that's what he did for a living .  A barter type of thing.  Even though we weren't expecting that, when he offered, we jumped at the chance.  So last year he said it would be after Christmas.  Never happened.  Don't say something if you don't mean it.  That's what I teach my kids.  Anyhow, so now we have to build a shed for this to go in.

2)  Put a subfloor & floor down in the garage.

3)  Take out the garage door and turn it into french doors. 

This is an extensive project and hoping to do it at minimal costs as the adoption costs will be high.  So, any handyman, come on over--LOL.  We'll all be doing this ourselves to save costs.  Most additions on this home for the kids, we've done ourselves.  And no, nothing has caved in yet.  Nothing has fallen apart.  Alyona is very excited about this project.  BTW, she said she won't sleep in there unless her sisters are in there with her.  fine.  We can do that.  Just have to wait a few months kiddo. 

Hoping my packet will come today & appt. for home visit will be made shortly after.  Should be. 

Oh, I'm not happy about not having my good camera today.  We went back last night but the guy wasn't in who we're supposed to take it to.  So, I'm going today but last night they said they didn't have any more in stock.  So, bad pictures folks for a few more posts to come.  They are very grainy and I know this.  Just have to be patient.  I'm not good at that if you haven't noticed.  So, here is a picture of all of us from a Christmas or two ago.  can't remember.

Yes, I know Alex looks mad.  Remember, if he's out later than 7pm, he's a mess.  Oh well.  At least I won't have to worry about him & his dates when he gets to high school.  Max is SO much more taller now than this picture.  I don't think I had posted a picture w/ me in it so did that so people would know I'm not a ghost.  I'm just the one usually holding the camera and hence, not in many shots.  I am doing Max's transformation story tonight.  Now, have to get some work done and phone calls made.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Chaos Manor will be jumping with 11 kids partying and a trip to Nana & Papa's tomorrow for a belated Christmas celebration.  Can we rest yet?  

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