Monday, January 4, 2010

Pictures past

I'm really, really missing my camera.  Soo, thought these long posts are getting a bit monotanous.  I've decided to just randomly grab some pics from the last few years and go from there.  Should be interesting to see how far we've come. 

This is Alyona about a year after she'd been home.  Fall/ winter sometime I'm guessing.  no, there is not really a winter in North Carolina.  But, we do our best to pretend here by wearing long sleeves.  Rarely a jacket needed.  Anyhow, Alyona still loves baby dolls.  This was after her surgery.  A surgery that permanently resulted in loss of function in that hand and arm.  We're still sick about it.  Thankfully, she is left-handed.  And, if she needs to hands for something, her sibs help her out.  I always liked this picture for some reason though as I thought her personality shines through.

This is the same year... 2007.  Alex & Nik are more appropriately dressed for the weather here.  Put it this way, typically, we have our pool opened well until October here.  This is Nik, Irina and Alex.  We usually nickname Alex cotton top in the summer time.  It's even whiter than this in summer.  Most of the time, you will find my children playing outside.  We have a larger front yard than back so that's where they play.  I don't mind a bit.

Now, this is typically how you will see my children... barefoot & in pajamas outside.  I don't know why, I really don't.  They live w/out shoes.  Even w/ snakes and all in our yard. Though this year, we only killed 4 snakes.. 2 of them copperheads.  Not uncommon around here.  Yet, my boys love to go barefoot.  I swear they could walk on hot coals.  I have no idea what is even in Alex's hands at this point.

This is Bojan from May of '05.  He had been home for just a few months getting used to a brand new leg.  Yet, found time to play soccer.  In our family, we typically forego PT & OT as they do SO much at home that we feel it really doesn't do a whole lot for them.  Not for everyone but it works for us and we do what works here.  Bojan loved playing soccer.  At his orphanage, he didn't go outside a whole lot.  So, he also lives to be outdoors.  Kids love playing soccer & we'll probably do it again this year.  Hasn't he grown?!

What a bunch of young things!  This was Yana, Irina, Max, Bojan and Alex in May of 2005.  We had visited wilmington and this is outside the aquarium.  We had also gone to the Battleship.  They sure have grown up.  Blows my mind what just 5 short years can do to your kids.

Hope you enjoyed  a brief blast from the past.   Going to do a little more later.  But, dinner needs to be made & homework finished up. 

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