Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homestudy happenings!!!

You all know I contacted the homestudy agency way back when but holidays hit and delays came.  So, long story short, pre-application was approved.  They sent us out a packet that must be 2 inches(alright, so maybe not 2 " but close to it--LOL) thick of least to fill out.  I recieved it yesterday, almost have it all filled out and am working on gathering and copying documents today.  Wahoo!!! 

Tomorrow, Warren and I go to get fingerprinted.  Now, tell me this isn't government efficiency at work.  Instead of paying for fingerprints ONCE, we'll have to pay 3 times.  First, you have to pay the courthouse to do the fingerprints.  That is $15 a piece.  $30 for us.  Next, send them to the FBI.  That's $18 a piece... $36.  You'd think once on file that would be enough right?  Wrong.  Once we file an I-800A (Petition to adopt an orphan) w/ the government office BCIS(formerly INS aka...immigration), we then have to pay $80 a piece.  $160.  So, all told, pending no one else on the planet wants our fingerprints, we will have paid $226 for our SAME fingerprints on at least 2 separate occasions.  Got to love it.  Fundraising is going to have to kick into high gear tomorrow.  I will write a post and hopefully generate some ideas and get some ways to help.  We have to come up with roughly $3000 by Monday.  That's just 300 people at $10 each to help save 3 lives.  I KNOW we can do this if we try.  Kids & I will be doing a blitz fundraiser tomorrow selling all kinds flower bulbs.  We'll be doing that all weekend.  More on fundraising events tomorrow. 

For now, just had to share that we're really getting the homestudy stuff underway and I can hardly stand the wait.  Very exciting to get fingerprinted b/c you know even though it is a tiny step, it is a step that much closer in teh right direction to bring our kids home.  I want them home & doing all I can to get them here.  Can't make long posts but promise after the weekend, I'll have plenty more to talk about.  Tomorrow, fundraising post.  And, a post about picking an agency.  That is an important one for sure.  It's your backbone in the adoption process. 

Got to go and get some homestudy papers done.  Just had to share what i feel is great news.  Once they receive this packet in hand, we get the social worker assigned & she/ he comes out here!!!   Yikes, get cleaning kids--LOL.  Just kidding.  I will tell of some homestudy horror stories later tonight.  We can laugh now but back then, it wasn't so funny what the kids did.  More on that tonight.  Goodbye for now.  time for another autobiography.  URGHH.  Had these on our computer till it crashed.  One step closer to being Bulgaria Bound.  Hang on kids, I'm working on it.  I promise. 

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  1. Our home study visit is next week and I am terrified! Plus - have to come up with $900! I need to hear some of your home study horror stories please!!! I am going to donate to your cause - you inspire me and make me proud to be a Christian and a Mother! Good luck and start typing!