Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Bojan & Warren!!!

Yes, you heard it right... 2 birthdays on the same day.  Warren is not doing really much to celebrate b/c we as adults tend to skim over those mile markers that show how many miles we have on our bodies.  Now, the other one celebrating is Bojan.  He is turning 11 years old today.  When you have an adopted child, you do indeed think of the birthparents on that day.  I know for a fact his mom thinks of him often.  We have contact with his birth family & really need to get back in touch.  I have a photo album for her but just have not sent it off yet.  Bojan is not an orphan that was given to the orphanage out of neglect or lack of love.   On the contrary.  His situation was unique & will not discuss all of it here b/c some things do need to remain private.  Just know, his mother loved him with all her heart just as she does her other two children that are with her.  For that, I am eternally grateful.  I know she thinks of him on this day.  She gave him a necklace with his birthday on it before we left Serbia.  He is here now and loved just as much.  We have had Bojan for 5 years now.  We actually picked him up shortly after his 6th birthday.  Time sure does fly! 

Bojan has grown into quite a character.  He loves to read.  Soaks up books like crazy.  He has read all the Harry Potter books but one.....he's getting that tonight for his birthday...shhh.  He is very much into ancient Egyptian culture and wants to learn heiroglyphics.  He has many friends and tends to be the comedian of this family.  I can honestly say though, it gets old after awhile.  He & Max are not only brothers but best friends.  He is turning 11 years old today.  As he so quickly reminded me today, "mom, I'm just two years from being a teenager!"  Oh why oh why do they want to grow up so fast?  Today, we arew keeping it simple.  I've got homemade potato soup in the crockpot now.  Some nice bread (definitely NOT as good as the fresh bread we used to get in Serbia) and of course, birthday cake for dessert.  He is having his party on Friday night w/ some of his best friends here at the hosue.  It will be dinner and a movie.   His pick.  He is very excited.  What 11 year old wouldn't be excited?!  Now, for some pictures to show you how big this birthday boy has gotten...

This was Bojan's referral picture I had received.  Never showed his leg or any deformities he has.  Didn't matter.  That smile said it all!  That was my kid.  He was 5 years old in this picture.

This was in 2005, same year home.  A milestone... a first tooth lost.  See, adoptive parents of older children DO get to witness many firsts in their lives.  His brother Alex is in the background wondering when it will happen to him.

This was Max, Bojan and Alex in summer of 2006.   They all played baseball for the miracle league here.  Miracle League is designed for special needs children and a wonderful organization.  Brothers through and through.  Born in 3 completely different places but love each other the same.  Can you see Bojan growing in this picture?

This is Alex, Alyona, Nik, Bojan and Max at a Christmas party.  Look at how Bojan is almost catching up to Max.  Amazing!  Now, Nik wears the sweater Bojan has on.  AGain, he always has a smile ready for the camera.

This was August of 2008.  First day of school.  Just look how much more mature Bojan looks.  He's all ready  for 3rd grade here.  His younger siblings look up to him so much.  Bojan is always willing to help and go above & beyond what he needs to do.  He will truly make some girl very happy one day. 

This is Bojan...rock climbing!  We took the kids to a local carnival and this is one of the things they did.  He is fearless.  Goes to show you, disabilities are not a deterrant at all.  They are more of a driving force.  My kids, including Bojan, want to show others that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.  Bojan has grown so much not just physical but in mind and spirit as well.  We are proud of who he's become.  He's rarely in trouble here.  Is compassionate to everyone, lends a helping hand, plays with all his siblings, drives us insane with his singing and theatrics, and is just an all around great kid.  I know we sometimes give him a hard time about his theatrics (trust me, it would drive you crazy too!-- the kid literally wants to be on stage all day long), but we really do love him for who he is.  He has come so far in life from the gimpy little kid crawling around all over the floor b/c they didn't have a prosthetic that fit him.  Look at him now!  He's rock climbing.  Amazing.  Happy 11th birthday Bojan!  Can't wait to see the next few years of birthdays.  Though mom really isn't looking forward to those crazy teen years.

BTW, Warren managed to repair one of our old digital cameras so more pictures should be happening this week...hooray! 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOJAN AND WARREN!!!... Great post Stephanie!... You made me cry!... It´s amazing the transformation through the years!... What a brave kid!!!... I have no doubts he´s a model to his younger siblings!...
    Have a GREAT day guys!!!... Best wishes from here!!!... I´ll stay in touch!... bye!...