Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fundraising questions answered

I thought I'd address a couple questions that are coming our way the past few weeks.  A biggie is what happens if you do not raise the money needed for the adoption?  Great question.  Honestly, I don't know how we could make it happen.  We are trying some different scenarios out for sure.   As I've explained in past posts, with this economy, you can not borrow money like you used to even w/ excellent credit(which ours is).  If by chance we can not raise the funds or for some reason something awful were to happen to our family (terminal illness, death, etc. & yes,I know families this has happened to), we would take all the money that has been raised and it would be kept an an escrow account to be used as a grant fund toward the children we are adopting.  100% of ALL funds raised are indeed going toward these children.  I have all the confidence in the world we can do this.  I"ve seen it done before with great determination and hardwork.  We can do that.  We do have the ability to pay and care for the children once they are home.  Shoot, you have to prove that well before you leave to get them.  We have to be approved financially(show we can raise more children) by our homestudy agency, our adoption agency, the US government and the Bulgarian government.  The money is not being used to raise these children but rather to get them home.  Our airfare alone is what is going to hurt us.  We've been slowly pricing tickets online just to get an estimate of what costs might be.  Going rates are around $1300 to $2400 round trip.  Varies as to when we go.  So,a minimum of $8K for travel.  What we are looking into is anyone that has hotel points or airline points that they want to transfer.  We have one business man who is generously offering two round trip tickets internationally via his points.  We are hoping & praying that works.  He thinks he should have plenty of points when the time comes.  A lot of times there are stipulations w/ the points.  Keeping fingers crossed for the best b/c that is like a gift of thousands.  He said it should be enough for 2 round trip tickets.  That would cover all our first trip there. 

Another question is donations.  Alright, we have a chip-in button but I do understand many do not want to use that.  We have not posted our home address publically but have given it to people who write us privately.   Reason for this is we have indeed had our family's identity stolen before & folks tried to make a profit on our story.  URGHH.  One bad apple as they say.  So, for now, we keep things limited.   We have had people donate to us in person, through the mail and paypal.  We are going to post our paypal account on here soon.  I know some have even wanted to use Western Union.  I think paypal would be better though as they would not charge you the fees that Western Union does.  Hope that made sense. 

The chip- in button shows $120 right now I think.  We have totally raised around $1000.  Have to add it up soon again.  $1000 is wonderful.  I know we have a very long way to go.  But, if we can get just 1000 people to donate $10 one time, we would be halfway there!  This is our first adoption ever that we have really had to fundraise a great amount.  I don't like it, trust me. But, I know 3 orphans are counting on us to get them home.   I want to plaster their faces all over here but know I can't per country laws.   The kids are getting anxious asking when we think we may go and bring them home.  awhile.  They are excited about doing some fundraisers with us though.  Someone suggested a chocolate extravaganza.  That sounds wonderful just to attend--LOL.  We will be working diligently over the next few months to get the children home.  It will not be easy and we knwo that.  But, we have wonderful support team and that's what counts.  That and our hearts are invested and ready for them.  These are definitely our last children.  We will not be doing this again.  I will be writing a book after this, maybe two.  But as far as adopting after going to  We'll be done and enjoying our family of 12.  I will continue to advocate for the ones left behind but can guarantee I will not be adopting anymore after these three are home. 

We appreciate all the donations that have come it.  It really and truly is saving these childrens' lives.  I will post some links to some institutions so  you all may see where some of our chidren will have ended up had we not adopted them.  I know there are many people out there with awesome ideas.  I am open to just about anything.  Please make suggestions if you'd like.  I will never forget those who've helped bring them home.  I have 2 more transformations to post about our children.  It is night and day the difference a family makes for the children.  Thanks once again.   Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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