Friday, January 15, 2010

Flabulous to Fabulous Friday

Okay, so haven't done this in quite awhile.  I'll make it a quick post.  Yes, it is possible, even from me.  As some of you know, I'm on a quest to lose weight and look great when I meet my new children.  Before Christmas time, I had lost 7 lbs. in two weeks.  I was thrilled, exercising and on my way.  Well, holidays come and I literally gained it all back.  URGHH.  No big deal.  I've started to take it off again.  So, lost 4 lbs.  I am now at 193 & will hopefully lose 3 to 4 lbs. this coming week.  Next Friday, I am hoping to report that I'm out of the 190's forever!  What some of you don't know, is I went to college and my degree was Health and Fitness Specialist.  Yes, it was.  No kidding.  Okay, everyone get up off the floor from laughing so hard.  Really it was.  So, I do indeed know how to take off the weight and have a clear okay from doc and cardiologist to do so.   So, here is what I have started this week minus Sunday, my rest day w/ nothing:

Monday through Saturday

Stretching 2X a day
Walking once a day, sometimes 2X a day
Cardio workout once a day (working up to 2X a day later)
Running stairs once a day
Yoga once a day 3 X a week(will increase again once I recover)
Light weightlifting Tues, Thurs, & Saturday

That is what I do.  This should bring it down pretty steadily for the next few weeks.  I'm ready.  My kids have been encouraging too so that helps.  When I was working out yesterday morning, Alyona yelled, "you can do it mom!"  Made me want to keep going.  I want to be comfortable on the plane.  I really want to be healthy.  Alex has agreed to run with me in some type of 5K race.  They have them here in the spring.  That is my goal.  Actually, walking it would be nice at this point.  I can't imagine running.  Shoot, even when I was in my peakness of shape & health years ago, I hated running.  But, running w/ one of my kids might be a nice change of pace.  That is until you get your butt beat by your 9yo son.  BTW, Alex's nickname is Dash for a reason.  From the Incredibles movie.  The fast superhero.  Alex has won the Presidential Fitness Award quite often.  Yes, I stand no chance.  I just want to complete it and say I did it.  Keep you posted.  I'm sure they'll be pictures from that race.  Just wanted to say I'm losing weight & exercising.  Feel better for sure when I exercise.  Tried to quit the chocolate addiction but that has not worked out yet.  It's steps.  I'm exercising first and changing the diet a little.  The chocolate addiction will have to wait.  We all have our weaknesses and mine is chocolate.  Warren's is salty snacks.  Max is potato chips.  Bojan's is anything that moves--LOL.  I swear the kid can eat anything.  Alyona's is anything that is coated in sugar.  Alex's is marshmellows and Nik's is candy.  Irina's is gum.  Yana just craves it all like Bojan.  So, I'll work on mine once I get a little more control of the weight stuff. 

I am so happy and excited to be starting this losing weight journey at the same time as the adoption journey.  I feel I will be a better mother in the end to ALL my children.  Especially, when chasing them up the stairs or playing soccer with them.  Just wanted to share about that.  Can't wait till next Friday.  There will be more pictures later tonight from some of our SC trip.  Warren has to scan them in as it is from a disposable camera.  So be on the lookout late, late tonight or tomorrow for more pics.  And, tonight, we get the new camera.  Well, replacement camera.  I am off to go for a walk with Irina and Bear.  Then, finish more paperwork and clean house.  BIG post later about fundraising.  It is imperative at this point.  Kids are ready for a fundraising blitz this weekend.  I can accomplish losing weight, I can accomplish raising money for this adoption.  Nothing will stop me from getting my kids home.  Nothing.  From the movie Lilo & Stitch:  "Ohana means family.  And family means no one gets left behind OR forgotten."  They are not forgotten.  They will not be left behind.  They will come home & I'm ready to get this show on the road.  The homestudy packet will be on it's way tomorrow along w/ the fingerprints to the FBI.  I still have a packet (contract/ registration) and such to go to the placing agency.  I can not do this until I have the funds raised.  Once I can send that in, I can work on my dossier.  I need this done asap so I can get the dossier to Bulgaria by March.  I'm running out of time here.  Okay, rest of this for another post.  Sorry for the sidetracking.  Off for a walk, clear head full of ideas and gorgeous sunshine.  Pictures galore this weekend!  I missed my camera and can't wait to take pictures of daiily life here. 


  1. Stephanie,

    Good luck with the fitness program. It is empowering to feel strong and healthy. I also saw that you do yoga, I just started going to hot yoga and love it so much. Enjoy this Carolina sunshine, we sure did this afternoon

  2. Oh!Oh!
    You gotta' check out the Couch to 5K running program. There are free podcasts that go with it by Robert Ullreys. I have been doing this with my kids since September and we have loved it! Unfortunately, I haven't lost ANY weight-thank you, perimenopause-but I can run 5K without any problems...amazing! And it was easy!
    You can do it Mom!