Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bojan's birthday

Okay, have a few things from Bojan's party.  Not many just due to the camera issues.  Well, lack of a good one anyways.  Waiting till Wednesday till I can make that magic call and get my camera back!  Pictures, here they come:

You think they are ready for some cake??  We made chocolate cake w/ homemade chocolate icing w/ sprinkles on top.  A hit for sure.  We also have some chocolate cupcakes w/ homemade creme cheese icing for those that didn't want chocolate.  Ha!  They all wanted both.  Figures.

Okay, this was the start of something that turned into something VERY disgusting.  I was SO mad at all the boys.  Mine & company.  Okay, this is bad but not what the end result was.  The end result was all the boys covered w/ chocolate cake to where you couldn't see the white on their face or hands.  We left the room for like 3 minutes to get presents from our room and came back to chaos.  Had to make all the boys go wash up and made Bojan clean up by sweeping all the chocolate cake from the table to the bathroom as he was one of the ring leaders of this stupidity.

Can you see what happened here during gift opening time??  Alyona spilled an entire glass of milk to well, you know, add more drama to the table already full of chaos.  Hey, at least she attempted to clean it up.

Okay, so you really can't tell what is going on here.  It is completely dark in the room and I surprised them w/ a flash of the camera.  They were all watching GI Joe the movie w/ piles of chips and popcorn on the floor.  Only boy missing was Max who was upstairs drawing at the time.   They also all have glow sticks.  Ahh, another parenting mistake in the making.  Do you really need glow sticks to help them play and stay up later after gobs of goodies already??

Irina is such a great big sister.  She really is.  Alyona was feeling tremendously left out.  She can't wait till her new sister 'R' comes to be part of the family!  Have a feeling R and Alyona will be great buddies.  Alyona couldn't play w/ the boys b/c well, doing all boy things and didn't want her around.  So, 9 boys and no one to play with.  Irina and Yana had their friend Maria over so 3 teens and no one to play with.  And of course, who wants to hang out w/ mom & dad during a party?  I mean, get real.  So, Irina decided to help the situation a bit and did her make up and bravely let Alyona do her make up as well.  And yes, another photo shot w/ something on the floor--LOL.

This was a cake from when we celebrated his & Warren's birthday earlier in the week.  I need new cake tips for sure & icing bags.  Looks hideous but I show the good w/ the bad.

Again, from our mini b-day celebration.  As some of you know, Alyona can not write to well or barely read.  Her eye disorders, FAS and numerous other issues hinder her learning greatly.  She tried SO hard to make something really special for Bojan.  She wrote it herself(asking us for some spellings of course), rolled it up and put a ribbon around it.  It was very sweet.  Bojan read every word.  Alyona is anxiously looking on to see what she thinks.

Bojan thanked her with a hug.  He knew how much effort she put into that card and how hard it was for her to do.  Yes, that is a plain Christmas Tree in the background still up.  LOL.

Bojan is our reader and loves Harry Potter.  We bought him the last book for his birthday.  That and gave him some money.  He's read a bunch of it already.  Sometimes he'll read to Alyona since she can't read too well.

So, all in all, a good 11th birthday.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of it and sharing it with us.  I still can't believe he keeps telling me he's just 2 years away from being a teenager...yikes!  Today, it was funny.  We're all hanging out in the kitchen cleaning eating up.  Bojan says " I have an apple core!"  He was so excited because he thought he was getting an Adam's apple.  No, nothing there but we all got a good laugh.  Have a great weekend.  We'll be headed to Warren's parents' house tomorrow and be gone most the day.  Look forward to seeing everyone and hope all goes well.  Still will have to make that snowman for kindergarten when we get home though. 

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