Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bojan-- 5 years!

It's been five years this week since we brought Bojan home.  We arrived home on Feb. 2nd.  5 years ago this week, we were in Serbia, in the freezing snow.  I'll share some pics from the past from our adoption journey.  I'll write his adoption story another day.  For now, just thought it would be fun to share some old pictures and remember. 

Can you believe this was Bojan?  He had just turned 6 yo when we got there.  I know the poor kid was confused as to who we are.  His birthmother came to visit him the week before to tell him goodbye.  She is a wonderful woman and will tell you more about her one day.  Take a gander at that food on his plate...yuck!  No wonder the kid will eat just about anything you give him.  Forgive the way I look. This was the day off the plane.  The other girl in the picture is now named Belinda and she lives in NY.  Her and Bojan were best friends at the orphanage.

this was Bojan's home before we brought him home to America.  He lived on the 3rd floor.  Lots of children in here for sure.  Hopefully, some will find their forever families soon.  I know of a few of them already!

This is all Bojan ever wanted to do...throw snowballs.  Poor kid never went outside that much while he lived at the orphanage.  he took full advantage of it while we were there.  BTW, we still have that jacket and Alex wears it now.

The orphanage staff gave him this travel case to take with him.  He filled it FULL of toys.  We wouldn't let him take any toy guns or handcuffs just due to security and our previous experiences with searches--LOL.  Warren is giving his best half smile there.  These adoption trips do wear you out.  This was the day before we were ready to leave.  You think Bojan is happy?

Again, Bojan and mom with more snowballs ready to launch.

A street we walked down to get to the orphanage.  I don't know if you can see it or not, but the cars are practically buried in the snow.  It was the worst snowstorm they had in decades.  Airports closed.  People were trapped in city buses for 24 hours.  One guy was trapped in his delivery beer truck.  He drank all the beer and urinated his way out of the now. True story, it was in the paper that our host family read to us.  Still wished I'd have saved those stories.  We got plenty of exercise while in Serbia and the food was fantastic!

This was one of Bojan's caretakers that used to take him home during the holidays.  She and her family cared for him deeply.  She gave him a silver gravy boat when we left.  Let me tell you why.  Every time Bojan came to her house, he would rub the gravy boat like it was a genie's lamp (in the movie Aladdin), and say he wishes he had a family.  She handed it to him that night and said  your wish has come true, now go make some more wishes.  Sweet.  Oh, this was a restaurant on the river we went to.  Bojan used to go there and sing karioke for the customers.  He always has been our little entertainer.

"I'm leaving on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again."  Remember that song?  So true.  He may make it back there this year and those details for another post.  It is a long shot but we'll see.  Here he is in France waiting to board our plane home to America.  The French searched us aside due to his leg.  Atlanta was worse.  again, I'll tell his adoption story one of these days.  Just wanted to share a few pics from years ago on our journey to Bojan.  We had a wonderful time in Serbia.  Hope Bulgaria is just as friendly.  I have heard they are.  5 years.  What a difference a family makes!  

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