Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big thanks & tidbits

Good morning everyone!  Hope all is well in cyberspace.  I thought I'd write today as feeling a bit under the weather.  Just sinus/ cold garbage.  But, did tell the kids if on the off chance it snows, I'm still in it for a snowball fight.  We rarely get snow in NC and there is a good chance of a dusting of snow tonight.  People here get so giddy and happy over the thought of snow.  We love it.  I'll have spray bottles at the ready so they can do "artwork" in the snow.  Last year we actually got to sled due to some ice.  We love sledding and have the perfect yard for it.  Hills.  We won't be able to do that with this dusting but some snowballs should be able to be made.  

This was our snow dusting from last year.  A view of our front yard.  Here's a view of our house:

It no longer has blue shutters or a blue door but you get an idea ofwhat it looks like now.  I'll take one in the spring when the flowers are in full bloom.  I love flowers and used to work in a florist shop.  So, you know tricks here and there.  Keeping the weeds out is easy as it is the punishment chore in the spring time for the kids--LOL.  That, and I weed for about an hour in the whole yard.  Winter, I don't touch the yard.  Here's a shot of our entrance way with spring flowers:


Of course there is stuff on the porch.  We had an indoor project going on so stuff got stored on the front porch.  The flower baskets on the railing there are annuals but are so cheap and easy to do.  Each basket cost me maybe $6 worth of flowers.  And that is on the high end.  The brown thing on the bottom right is a waterfountain Warren made.  Again, major bargin shopper here.  It was not the original purpose of this item but turned out to be a great water fountain.  However, took awhile to get it adjusted as to not make it sound like someone was in the restroom.  Kids had a great laugh with that until the water flow & rocks were just the right amount.  Right now, it is iced over and full of leaves.  Just had to get some flowers up on here as it is so dead and dreary out now due to winter.

Back to the original topic at hand.  I'll definitely take pictures.  Found my original camera box with receipt so it goes back today and we should have a new camera this afternoon...wahoo!!!  Feel lost without it.  We have a Fugi camera and it really does take nice shots.  Our favorite camera though is a Nikon.  We had about a $700 camera (35mm) that we picked up at a yardsale practically new here for $50.  Umm, yes, big families have to be bargin hunters.  Anyhow, we used it for years and absolutely loved that camera.  Any guesses on what happened to it?  Did I drop it?  No.  Did it just wear out?  No.  You know it's coming.  YOu know this HAS to do with the kids, right?  One of the kids poked their fingers through the shutter and a couple other things were done to it.  Being that I will never find a deal like that again, we have tried to forget about it and move on.  So, camera back hopefully just in time for Bojan's party tomorrow so that you can see some shots.  He is getting excited.  He's going with us this afternoon to pick out stuff for the party.  With our kids, you really have to limit intake of sugar and processed foods and such.  We are slowly and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y changing to an organic household in regards to foods.  Hoping after tax time we can buy a whole cow.  I know, sounds strange to some of you but it actually would save us a ton of money in the long run and be a healthier way to eat.  You can purchase half or whole cow here.  Never fed hormones or anything like that.  Not pumped full of corn either.   People who've done it said it lasts for a very long time.  Have to have a freezer to put all the beef in though.  Fortunately, we have 2 refridgerators and a deep sub-zero freezer in the garage.  Perfect.  We are also starting a real garden this year.  Last year was a trial year to see if we'd actually be able to grow anything.  Tomatoes, peppers, chives, herbs, etc. grew.  So, making quite a big garden this year for all organics and something the kids can help tend.  I think the kids will get a kick out of that.  They're also going to help build it as well. 

Today, I really wanted to say a huge thank you to all who've donated to help bring the children home.  I wish I could thank all of you but it really is getting to big to name all of you.  We have donations coming in from all over the US and Austrailia and South America.  I can't describe how I feel.  I know they say what goes around comes around but I never knew it would feel like this.  Over the years, we have given our time, donations, money, humanitarian aid, etc. to the orphans left behind without thinking twice.  Now, others are making a wonderful effort to help us bring our kids home.  It is truly heartwarming to say the least.  It really is.  I have to tell you all something.  Sometimes it is really hard doing the right thing though.  Being honest here so bare with me.  The other day, I had a friend in need.  I won't get into their personal situation but the economy in America has a big part in it.  She really needed money to help her out.  I knew we needed money to adopt these children but I could not say no to a friend in need.  It just wouldn't be right.  I gave her some money knowing I would not get it back.  That was okay.  God does provide.  That SAME day, I went to my bank to make sure the adoption fund was assigned the account #(ironically, I never closed it from last set of adoptions) and an employee there gave me the same exact amount that I had given to my friend.  What do you think of that?!  I almost cried but didn't.  We've asked for one time donations of $10.  Amounts double and triple that are coming in.  I am more confident than ever there will not be 3 orphans next year at this time.  There will be 3 children enjoying a life with their siblings and parents.  You all are making that dream reality.  You really are.  I know we are still a long,long ways off but each day is a little closer to getting the funds necessary to bring them home.  Please spread the word around if nothing else.  We have that online magazine fundraiser.  Locally, we are selling flower bulbs.  That's a fun one and I can't wait to see those flowers pop up all over!  Kids are ready to pound the pavement but I won't let them go out in the cold quite yet.  So, next week, they'll be out and about.  I'm not making them, they want to do this.  For Alyona and Nik, the kids had a lemonade stand.  Very cute.  Hot cocoa stand would work now but no plug at the end of the driveway--LOL.  The thing about adopting older children is they know the importance of getting other children out of the orphanages.  They know the life there and how it is not the same as a family.  My oldest has scars all over her face and head b/c they could not get her medical care in Russia.  In most of Eastern Europe, orphans are thought of as second class citizens.  Especially, those with special needs.  It truly is apalling.  Tomorrow, I will write about that and have some video links.  For now, need to get going.  Didn't mean to write this much.  Generally, just wanted to say thanks to those who've donated so far.  It is beyond gracious of you and will without a doubt help bring 3 children home who so desperately need us.  The unwanted will become wanted very soon.  Thanks again. 

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