Monday, January 25, 2010

Adoption Update......

 This is how I feel... a tangled up mess.  LOL.  Read on.
Can we say.... HICCUP???  Okay, I've always talked about hiccups that occur w/ every single adoption.  Besides the money issue, ours has happened.  Didn't think it'd happen so early in the process but hey it's adoption.  It is minor by all accounts in the grand scheme of things.  Alright here goes.  Agency wrote me today and needs contract ASAP.  Remember, this is the $2100.  Bulgaria needs our docs asap is the problem or risk "losing the kids."  I totally get that and do understand everything behind all that.  We've worked something out so sending in contract tomorrow.  And here's the hiccup.  I was reviewing the docs at basketball practice tonight.  This is not just a one signature page type of thing either.  Anyhow, every single piece of paper our notary signed, she signed w/ the WRONG name!!!  Yes, you all know what that means... redo it ALL.  Every bit of paper.  So, in a minute, that's what I'm doing.  Tomorrow morning, we'll go get it all renotarized.  BTW, husband's first name is Edward.  She signed it William.  Think it will pass???  Me either. 

On another note, today was a wacky day afterschool.  We have basketball practice these evenings.  Alright, they come home and are acting like animals.  All the boys are wrestling and Bojan & Alex have battlescars from it.  Lovely.  "How'd you get those?"  My brother beat me.  Yes, I can hear this conversation playing out at school.  Nice.  I have to explain to Alex that no, money does not come from God.  See, he's giving money to Dribbling for Drew at Upwards.  He & Bojan wanted to use their own money & decided on $10.  That btw, is all Alex had.  Yes, our RADish decided to give ALL his money for a compassionate cause.  I about fell over too. Anyhow, I told him this money was from Nana Pat from Christmas time.  Alex said oh "she gets it from God?"  I was totally clueless at this point.  I said "What?!"  Alex said yeh, it has In God We Trust on it.  I did not have all that much time to explain b/c we were trying to get ready for basketball, sign all new semester papers for the high school & middle schoolers.  A huge stack btw.  In addition, trying to figure out why the world the turkey wouldn't cook.  Duh... the boys were reading.  Sound funny?  Let me explain.  My boys have to read for 20 minutes per teacher rules.  Fine. Set the dog gone timer b/c I can't keep up w/ all 7 of you starting at different times.  They set the timer on the stove.  However, they forgot how to do it while leaving the stove ON.  I go to pull out the turkey to eat before basketball practice and wonder why it isn't cooked.  URGHH.  Fine.  Improvise.  Eat yogurt to tide you over.  And oranges.  We definitely have enough oranges.  Onto basketball practice.  Wait, not even  going to start w/ what all happened while there.  I think caged animals would have appeared better trained at this point.  Maybe it was the lack of tryptophane from the turkey.  Don't know.  Nik wanted to play houdini.  Okay, he puts on my jacket, makes me tie the arms up behind him just like a straight jacket.  Takes a few minutes but the little bugger can get out.  He thinks it's a riot and everyone there eggs him on.  We somehow forgot to put on Bojan's running leg.  So, what's he do?  completely busts open his boots.  His ONLY pair of boots.  Nice.  Warren just went to buy super glue at Walmart.  We didn't want to buy him new boots yet till he gets the new AFO and his new foot b/c they're ordering him a bigger foot.  So buying shoes now would be stupid until the new measurements come in.  I could go on but I'm sure you are done being bored.  Or at least are thankful that your life is not as...chaotic.  Again, this is why we live in Chaos Manor.  Good night.  Time for a pile of paperwork.  I used to be a secretary & can actually type wickedly fast.  However, pen & paper takes me forever. 

A saying here is always "with every new day, there's fresh hope."  I say it all the time.  So true.  I  so want a boring day one of these days. 


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  2. I had to laugh, I always say "I'd like to try bored once"

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