Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful news!!!!

The little boy we were desperately trying to find a home for before he was moved to an institution now has a forever family!!!!  He will NOT be moved to the mental institution and will have a wonderful, wonderful family to boot.  I can not express my gratitude to the family nor my excitement.  This truly is a Christmas Miracle.  He is in the same place as one of our future children.  This child will now have a life he so deserves.  Can not wait to hear of his updates once he's home.  Thank you all so, so much for spreading the word.  It does make a difference.  You never know how one life will touch another.  I put out a simple plea.  Something any one of you can do.  It did not cost me a dime.  Just a little of my time.  That's it.  This simple act has now changed a life forever. 

So, many tell me all the time they wish they could help but just can not adopt.  You don't have to adopt to help the orphans.  You can help by praying for them, spreading the word about them, tell others of the orphans available for adoption, donating to an adopting family, adding words of encouragement for an adoptive family, or possibly even adopting yourself.  So, so many ways to help.  I just had to share this wonderfu, awesome news.  It truly made my day to hear from the agency.  Thanks again to all the readers for listening and helping out.  You changed a life today! 


  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!! ANOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN HAS BEEN SAVED. Thanks so much for all you have done and are still doing. I have been following your BLOG every since we contacted you about the trampoline. We are So looking forward to our Grandaughter's excitement when she see it. Thanks so much. Merry Christmas to
    you,Warren & the children at HOME and those coming HOME soon. Best of Luck!
    Faye,Ronald, Brian & Brianna Denton

  2. Oh I m so glad Samuel and his family found each other in time xox