Thursday, December 3, 2009

Upcoming items...

Some things I'll be sharing soon I thought I'd put out there. That way, I won't forget.  And, you can kindly remind me when I do--LOL.  Why we decided to adopt again and why 3 more.  Oh, I'm sure I'll get comments on that post--LOL.  What's involved in a homestudy, Max's transformation, why does it cost so much, and what if there is tension amongst relatives on your adoption.  A post regarding us doing a documentary of sorts on the adoption process & our adoption in general.  The good, the bad & the ugly of adoption on video tape.  Wished I had done it w/ my other adoptions.  Well, we did video tape Max & Irina  but Max came home & erased it with 2 hours of golf when he was 4yo!  I will also do a post on limitations and expectations.  That is very important in the adoption know your limitations.  On that note, I've reached mine tonight w/ my kids--LOL.  I have no idea what has gotten a hold of them this evening but it is not a pretty site.  Must be a full moon or something.  I still swear if I survive the teen years, I should be knighted for acts of parental bravery & courage.   Yep, knighted.  What do you think?  Is there a way to skip the teen years???  It comes with ups and downs.  Isn't that what parenting always & downs?  Talk later.

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