Thursday, December 31, 2009

SC Trip-- part II

We left off w/ the first day...travelling.  All of us were tired by the end of the night so went to our rooms and ready to sleep....yeah, right.  Tired, excited kids ready to sleep in a new environment???  Umm, nope.  Boys slept in one hotel room, girls in another.   Managed to get to sleep & then early up for our day to come.  I made breakfast in the room.  We had oatmeal, bananas and sausage.  I knew it would be a very long time before lunch so wanted a big breakfast.  As w/ most families, you prepare ahead of time.  We don't have the money to eat out at every single meal, so we have to plan accordingly.  Plus, the beach is very expensive to eat out at.  So, big breakfast and ready to head out to the Ripley's Aquarium. 

this was the view from our hotel rooms every single morning.  Incredible.  I love the beach and could live there all year long.  However, our job is here so we can only visit.  All the kids looked out the window to see the sunrise.  Some caught earlier glimpses of sun than others--LOL.  It was gorgeous weather the entire time we stayed there.  Loved it.

This is the kids waiting for the dive show to begin.   Great show.  As you can see, girls are in purple shirts and boys in green.  Even mom & dad had a tye-dye shirt on.  Helps us find them easier.  Believe it or not, it was the older kids (Yana mostly) that kept wandering off.  They enjoyed this dive show and the dive show with the sting rays.

Can you see the diver in this picture??  She did tricks and another lady spoke & gave facts about the fish.  Kids were trying to identify the fish in the tank.  Very cool for sure.

This is of course the two goofy goobers.  This is Minnie Mouse(aka...Alyona) and Nik Nak (Nik) showing me they are Japanese Fighting Fish (beta fish).  They had a babies exhibit and our kids even got to see a chick hatch while there!  Very cool coming out of the shell and trying to walk.

Some of the kids at the horseshoe tank.  They loved touching them.  There was also a stingray tank that they got to touch as well.  Very fun.

I promise you Bojan is NOT giving the fish the finger.  He's simply pointing to the sharks above him.  This was the thing we all liked most about this aquarium.  You go on this moving sidewalk and are totally surrounded by fish, sharks, and sea turtles.  It is simply beautiful.  Feels like you can reach out and touch the sharks.  We all loved this exhibit.  Very, very cool.  We highly recommend Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC.

We took this picture b/c our family are all big fans of Finding Nemo.  For many reasons.  It shows that just because you have a few differences, doesn't mean you can't accomplish great things in life.  Another reason is because we just love the sea life and movie itself.  All of us love Crush...the sea turtle.  We all know how to sign sea turtle as well but a rarity you see one.  Soo, had to show Nik.  He was estatic that they were real.  The other kids were amazed at just the massive size of it.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

Picture of the super seven in front of one of the many aquariums there.  Had to snap it fast as there were many people waiting.  So, not all are smiling.  Of course.  Now, this is where it gets a bit more like our life.  We all took a bathroom break.  I had the camera and thought it would be safe to hang on the hook on the back of the door.  Can you sense what is coming next???  Yep, you guessed it, the camera fell off.  Everyone that was in the bathroom area and you heard ALL of them say oooh.  Everyone, including me, knew right away it was broken.  A brand new camera (just about 3 months old) was completed busted on just the second day of our trip.   We bought two disposables but not the same.  I'm still sick about it as we can't replace it right now w/ an adoption taking place.  So, sending it off to the repair center in hopes they can fix it for a "reasonable" price--LOL.  Warren said don't expect much, it's toast.  The memory chip was still intact so these are some of the images we have.  From here on out though, you'll have to live through descriptions.  We do NOT have any luck with cameras.  I swear the next one we buy needs to be made by Fisher Price.

After the aquarium, we left the building.  Conveniently, all the museums lead you out through an arcade or gift shop.  Lovely.  I was expecting the worse but really didn't get that.  With orphanage kids, they are used to having nothing for most their life.  Plus, ours know they are not to buy things at every place they go.  So, no whining from them which I appreciated it.  Yet, I heard other kids whining, screaming, etc. over stuff.  Glad my kids have learned to be appreciative for what they have.  So, nothing from that gift shop.  We headed onto the boardwalk for a short walk around.  Then, decided to head back to the hotel for lunch and a movie.  Had some sandwhiches, string cheese, 7-up( a rarity that my kids get soda so they were happy), apples and a bag of baked chips.  Great lunch.  Watched a little tv and then we were going to go to the other Ripley's Museum but decided to save it for the next day.  So, instead we took the kids for an unplanned expedition to a few gift shops.  They were thrilled!  EAch were able to get two t-shirts.  Some got sweatshirts due to super clearance.  Even Warren got new t-shirts.  The girls got mood rings and thought it was the best thing.  Nik got a plastic snake & I got the kids some taffy.  Now, the ONLY one we had trouble with here was Alex not wanting to pick where we told him he could pick from.  You have to remember, with FAS children, you need to limit their choices or they can't handle it.  Trust me on this one.  Plus, we were not going to spend $40 per kid, that's just stupid for a shirt.  They had great ones on clearance, 2 for $10 or 2 for $15.  Tables and tables full of all kinds and all sizes.  Alex wanted none of that.  So, fine, you don't have to have anything, your choice.  He chose nothing.  Again, his choice.  Maybe he was trying to prove a point, don't know.  Everyone else, very, very happy about the things they got and couldn't wait to try them on.  We had to go back to Walmart then as well as I burned the spatula in the room & wanted to replace it.  Picked up a pair of pajamas for me that were on sale.  Well, tell youa ll about this now.  The kids(girls only room) totally cracked up when I tried them on.  I mistakenly got a child's size.  They had to practically peel it off of me.  They now belong to Irina.  We were all laughing about it.  anyhow, after Walmart, we came back to the hotel for dinner. 

This is our hotel at night.  Isn't it pretty?  This kids all recognize it.  Purple lighting helps.  We settled into our rooms and I made everyone spaghetti and bread for dinner.  We still had a little ice cream cake leftover so we had some of that as well.  Cleaned up a bit and then relaxed with a little tv and bedtime routine.  Big day tomorrow so went to bed at a decent hour.  That is pretty much day 2 there.  Stay tuned and I will have day 3 happenings tomorrow.  Happy New Year to all.  


  1. So glad you are home! I really missed reading your blog each day! Pathetic I know! I am so delighted that your family had such a good time. You all deserve it! I love all of the pictures too. I think we may plan a Christmas vacation present like you next year! Have a blessed New year for 2010!

  2. Hi Stephanie! Happy New Year to all of you too!!!... I´m also so glad you´are home again and to read your blog!!! (I missed too!).
    Great trip!!!... I ´m so sorry about the camera!... We`ll miss your pics too!...
    Well, this was just to say Happy New Year to you!... We´re returning home tomorrow night!...
    Best wishes from Patagonia Argentina!...