Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ready to go

Good afternoon everyone!  Well, if you read the last few posts, you figured out Santa left our family a nice vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We are very excited.  In fact, too excited.  As some of you recall, 6 of our children are affected by FAS(fetal alcohol syndrome).  Stimulation does not do them any good whatsoever.  Trust me, they are very, very excited about this trip.  They are trying to do everything in their power not to jeopardize it.  I mean really.  They are helping each other get clothes ready for the trip, try on bathing suits for the pool, and cleaning like crazy.  Now, the rule in our house is we are not allowed to leave for a trip unless the house is picked up and things semi put away.  Not asking for perfection, just don't want to leave the house looking like a demilitarized zone. Yana even dusted all the kitchen cabinets. Not necessary but nice it got done.  They did ALL the laundry.  Even the overflow pile in the master bath tub.  Couldn't believe it.  They have been combing through the Ripley's Believe it or Not book that Santa left them. They keep wondering what htey might see at the museum.  We have all been practicing new signs that Nik may need to use.  Also, working on speech with him.  Just hope and pray he doesn't say the word beach down there.  It comes out clearly as "bit**.  Yep.  That"s exactly how it sounds.  Just like at dinner when he asks to pass the butter.  Butter is clearly pronounced to him "butt hole."  Lovely.  I know he doesn't know any better but this doesn't help matters out in public.  So, working on some more speech and learning new signs before our trip.  Nik is also supposed to wear a medical alert tag.  He lost his.  Just great.  So now I have to tag him.  If we were ever in an accident, they need to know he has an implant in his head.  He is NOT allowed an MRI or it can literally rip his skull apart.  It is a magnet.  And, since he does not know enough fluent sign to tell folks what is going on, we have to write a little note & I put it on his back.  Also helps if he were ever lost.  No, he never has been but as a parent, we always want to be prepared.  I do the same for Alyona as she is quite delayed and can not really tell people what is happening. 

When preparing for a trip with special needs children, you simply have to put a little more thought into stuff.  For us, it has now become routine.  Does Bojan have everythign needed to take care of his prosthetics?  Has Max remembered a toothbrush?  Do I have enough name tags for the young kids?  (with FAS they have terrible memory problems).  Do I have all of Nik's gear?  Spare implant batteries, etc?  All the meds for the kids?  If some of them don't get meds for a certain # of days, they can easily end up in a psychotic meltdown.  No, I will not explain what that is now, but trust me, you don't want to have it happen.  Do I have enough pedialyte for Alyona?  And the long list goes on.  Like I said, for us, totally routine.  Hence, why I left a day for getting stuff done right after Christmas.  Worked out well.  For those bringing special needs children home, just know it will take a little more time for a couple things but really no more of a hassle than if you had a baby and had to tote all that gear along.  Same concept. 

We're basically ready.  Our kids take a backpack each w/ them on a trip.  Saves space in the van.  Once we have the 10 kids home, we'll have to get even more creative.  Used to have a hitch & rent a trailer to go places.  Have a new van & haven't gotten a hitch yet (it's $450) but will eventually.  Still, plenty of space for everyone, even the new ones coming home.  When they get home, I'll migrate Alyona out of the booster seat.  She is so little, she'll never reach that weight requirement in this state.  So, need a copy of her birthcert & note from doc to carry w/ us.  I'll get to that one day.  For now, she's in a booster, Nik is in a carseat.  Little Bit when she gets home will also need a carseat.  Already have one so no big deal.  Van seats 12 of us so it will be a full van when we go places.  Don't mind it though. 

Kids are watching Yours, Mine and Ours right now.  I've already said NO.  No way to 18 kids--LOL.  10 is our absolute limit and I am totally fine with that.  We know a lot of big families and think they're great.  Just not for us. Though I find it funny some consider us already to be a big family at 9.  So, I guess at 12 we'll be a big family too???  Just a # to me.  Just know this is our last expansion on the house & that is it for the room we have.  Plus, as I've said before, after the 10 kids are home, we plan to do some travelling with them all.  Well, we'll see how it goes after this trip.  We may revise that plan.  Time will tell. 

I won't be posting from the hotel.  Too much of a pain to go to the business center and get on the computer.  Not takign a laptop with us either.  This is a vacation to us and we don't want any electronics.  Period.  We want to spend some time together, see some great sites, have some good food, and have fun.  We will probably watch a movie at night in the room but that would be it.  No video games, no radio, no mp-3 players, no blackberry, no cell phone, nothing.  I promise to take lots of pictures and update this blog once home.   That will be on Wednesday, the 30th.  So, check back then and I'll have things in that evening.  Can't wait to share about our trip.  This is something that orphanage kids would never ever get to do unless they get a family.  Bye for now. 

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  1. Have a wonderful safe trip! Your family deserves to have a fun time! Take care!